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"Ah, if we had a camera, right Dina?" And I look up

To me they were people who could understand me on all levels.

From the distant background of where we came from, from the silly sides of the hobbies (I was always jealous of his ability to be a carpenter) and the music we loved to the serious stuff of spiritual aspirations.

One day, while I was studying at Ateret Cohanim and we lived in Kiryat Moshe, I passed through the pedestrian zone of Jerusalem, and I saw a man with a matte chessboard, half a shekel per game, and if you win you can continue playing.

I put half a shekel and started playing with General Shabbat. He was not such a champion (I was afraid they would say what a blasphemy God that Beinisch loses ...).

I'm really focused on the game, and then I hear Eli's sweet and pleasant voice laugh and say, "Oh, if we had a camera, right Dina?

A few years later I returned to them, when they came to us when we lived in Eilat, on Hanukkah. They came with an inflatable boat, it was really cold, but they came in with our kids and theirs. Rabbi Eli went into the water in a bathing suit, and I stood there with a camera and took a picture and said: "If you will not give me so and so, I will sell the picture in 'Shavei Hebron' ..." "Sell, sell, I will buy too ..."

Rabbi David Ben Meir


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