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There is no Eli without Debbie and there is no Debbie without Eli - so in their lives and so, in ter

Ofra Weil (Carmeli)

Cousin of Rabbi Eli the 4th from her illness

I did not know Rabbi Eli, I knew my cousin Eli, a beloved and dear one who was like a brother to me.

We grew up together for several years in her illness, without feeling most naturally to me we will become a brother, in the Carmeli family.

People used to call him 'Eli Carmeli', and that is how he is remembered there to this day.

When Eli married Debbie, we immediately fell in love with her, and she connected with us as a complementary part.

When my mother passed away, Eli carried an exciting obituary testifying to him, and I would like to quote from his words:

"From you I have learned what is the same stream of life that connects family members, a stream of love, of connection, a touch of life, that bridges all the gaps of distance, of religions, of character.

And I stand and marvel, how the impression is maintained generation after generation, how my children feel the exact same feelings "

Indeed - it is no secret that our families are at both ends of the political spectrum, and that they are religious and we are secular, that they are in Kiryat Arba and we are in the kibbutz, and for all these Eli and Debbie have covered and mediated in the stream of love

They were with us on the happy days and mostly supported the difficult days, without account and without conditions.

Ever since Eli and Debbie got married they are for us "one" - there is no Eli without Debbie and no Debbie without Eli - so in their lives and so, in terrible pain - in their deaths.

We love them so much, and now we will have to move on to the past and feel that we have loved them forever.

Hello dear and beloved people.


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