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where is Dad?

When my children and grandchildren reach the age of three or four, I sit them on my knees and ask, "Where's Daddy?"

Usually the child points a finger at me and says, "Here, here."

And I answer, "No, it's Daddy's shirt. But where's Daddy?"

The child points to the nose. And I answer, "No, it's Dad's nose, but where's Daddy?"

And so it went on for a long time.

One of the children finally came to the conclusion that there is no father, because if father is not the shirt, nose, cheeks, etc. - then there is no father.

Another daughter, after several attempts, sank into deep thoughts, and after a while replied, "Daddy inside."

Man's true self is his soul; And all his life, thoughts, feelings and powers are drawn and sucked from this pure source of soul.

It is not that simple to find the interior.

Sometimes a person is afraid to reveal his self, he is afraid that he will discover unpleasant things in it, because he does not believe in the inner good that lies within him. But in order for man to return to himself, he must know the truth of his self, the depth of his inwardness, and believe in the depth of the good that is hidden in him.

From "The Answer - A Return to the Self"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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