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If Dad says, then we were in the Exodus, but I was so small then, that I no longer remember ..

When I once told my daughters the story of the Exodus, I told them with great enthusiasm that we were all there, we all came out of Egypt together. One girl stood up and declared, "I did not leave Egypt." I kept insisting: "Yes, of course you were, we were all there, we all saw the sea split, we all stood up and stood at the bottom of the mountain to receive Torah."

The daughter was not so convinced, but her sister, who probably felt less comfortable contradicting her father's words, reluctantly agreed to give up and said: "Well, if Dad says we were there - then we were there, but I was so small then, that I no longer remember. . ".

Klal Israel, the entire nation, is such a comprehensive division of life that the limitations of time do not separate its unity. Even when we speak of a particular person, we are able to say of him that he was yesterday and that he himself will also be tomorrow, although we have no power to mark and define who exactly this living being is, who is that person who experiences all these times.

So it is in general - we are talking about the generalities of the nation as an entity that existed and still exists and will exist forever.

From the "Birth Book"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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