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Our mom and dad. You have been reaped together for the sanctification of Gd and this is the will of

Bat - Sheva Sadan

a girl

Our father and mother,

Our amazing dad and mom

Father and mother of us all

Our father and mother

Our father, our mother

So many people saw you as their father and mother, so many people found a sympathetic ear and a comforting mouth in you.

Pupils came to you to cry, to consult, to share your joy and always found what Dad and Mom so know how to give: a loving hug. Analyze the life you loved so much.

But, first and foremost you were our father and mother. My with Yehuda and the children: Shir Hoodia, Yigal Menachem, Eitam and Yair Akiva, by Zvi and Talia, by Nehama, Nehemiah and Mevasser Binyamin, by Shulamit and also by Itamar. First and foremost you were our father and mother.

Dad, with the eternal sweet smile on his face, Dad of a warm pat and a kiss on Saturday night, Dad, of fascinating stories about the Torah portion of the week and the holidays, Dad, who knew how to find humor in almost any situation, our dad.

Father, who loved Torah study so intensely, that he knew how to get into deep issues out of such pleasure, out of such assimilation with the Torah.

And Dad, who loved nature, who loved flowers, who loved life and most of all, loved Mom, soul love. He had the same look reserved only for her. A look of love, a look of a fan, an amazing look.

And mother, our mother, our pleasant mother. The coziness and warmth that flowed from you to us, to the home.

A mother of mental conversations and of sand talks, a mother who goes through with us every crisis and every crisis, every joy and every deliberation as if she were us. It is as if it enters our body and our thoughts and with us participates in all the capillaries of emotions. And always knows how to add another tier, another of her own intelligence, another point of view that sheds light on everything.

A mother who loved music, poetry and creativity was in her soul, a mother who loved to teach, and loved her students so much, a mother who loved us and her grandchildren so much, a mother who loved life, out of a true connection to the will of the Creator,

A mother who loved Dad forever, a love that radiated and lived so many couples before and after marriage.

Our mother. Our mom and dad. You have been reaped together for the sanctification of Gd and this is the will of Gd.

Our mother and father, God has given us the right to be your real children, in all the huge public you have adopted into your lap, God has given us the right to absorb the same values ​​that you have paved every day, hour by hour, God gives and gives us the power And the right to continue the way you started.

We promise to do everything we can to educate our children and descendants in the light of your character. Hundreds and thousands more male and female students will love the Torah and love the Land of Israel and love each other and love life. And the flow of your life will not cease and the faith that has burned in your soul will live forever. And the faith that burned in your souls - will live forever.

Grandparents, Toby, Ari, David, and Uri,

Dad was the eldest in the family, the mainstay. Yesterday Grandma said that when Dad is around there is a feeling that everything will be fine and that there is someone to trust. And now we have no choice but to trust you, grandparents so loved and loved, that you will strengthen us and our uncles and teach us how to cope. And on you, uncles, we trust that you will strengthen the hands of grandparents and be with them and with us at all times.

And to my grandma mommy and uncles Bryan and Stanley I want to say – Ima loved you' she loved you Bryan, she loved you Stanley, and she loved you mommy.

You know better than me the meaning of together' even though being so far.

We just want you to promise us to stay together,

We are one family,

And we will be strong.


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