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I'm sick I can not, next Saturday I'm plowing Saturday night I'm sitting

Rabbi Chaim Ganz

Rosh Yeshiva High Tel Aviv

"Death rose in our windows" and this time also "came in our palaces" (Jeremiah 9:20). We must tremble at the loss of every holy soul from Israel. We must repent of the erosion that has taken place in us in recent years, with our brothers' lives and blood flowing like water. We need to return in complete repentance to re-internalize the value of the sanctity of every person in Israel, which is no longer a number and is no longer one. Ask the head to lift each person's head and its value. That the wicked of the world will not succeed in defiling in us the sacred value that every person of Israel has.

But this time "came in our palace," came to the Holy of Holies inside. "These are the commandments of the tabernacle of the tabernacle of the testimony" (Exodus 28:21) as the Midrash says: The palaces are already being penetrated into the more inner dwellings where the testimony to Israel's values ​​really lies, to the great men of faith, men of faith who have been lost. How many great faith do the tens of thousands of your people have in the house of Israel? How many are there today who can on the one hand be with their heads in the sky and on the other hand be a "ladder placed on earth" to reach from above, from belonging to the farther and higher trends and on the other hand, with the simple and straightforward and deep explanation to send a ladder to earth.

Oren Ish Shalom from Dor Shalom called me yesterday. Could not speak. He thinks he has lost a friend, he does not understand that he has lost a ladder savior who can pull him from earth to heaven, with stepped steps, with a clear explanation, with pleasant demeanor, with a loving smile. "People of faith are lost."

We who are in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Eli, have accompanied us a long way. Wanted to get to the meeting on Friday. There was a covenant of my grandson I asked him: "Rabbi Eli will come to give a lesson before the covenant." He wanted to be plowing on Saturday. He said: "I'm sick I can not. Next Saturday I'm plowing Saturday night I'm sitting." There is a lot to plow we are at the beginning of a great road. The people of Israel are a great nation in a huge creative momentum and we are only at the beginning of the road. We are even before the first plowing. "Yarom and carried and raised very high" (Isaiah 13) more than Moshe Rabbeinu. Where we are and where the beginning of plowing.

And we hung our Yahavan, I had a great expectation from Rabbi Eli. I asked him: "Rabbi Eli, we are here together with the tens of thousands of your people Beit Yisrael, we feel the thirst, those who are conscious and those who are not conscious, I ask you to come and be with us with the tens of thousands of your people Beit Yisrael. You have this ladder placed in heaven and tens of thousands. The people of Beit Yisrael are thirsty for a great Torah. Our problem is neither terror nor terrorists nor the wicked. A small baby you do not need to keep from the mice A dead king of Bashan needs to keep him from the mice. When Israel is a small baby in its body but lives a powerful life in its soul and consciousness From the mice, neither protective equipment nor tactical methods of any kind.

And if we become like us today, the king of Bashan's cake, but still thirsty for a great soul - mice can too. The security forces in their arms are devotedly investing most of their efforts in improving security based on the available forces of the nation, but the real solution is in the Beit Midrash, and that is to make our State of Israel a living, alive and vibrant King of Bashan King full of inner and spiritual strengths. Opinion on one solution or another.

This power must be revived in a great soul in a great spirit, which will already transmit to mice, and they understand very well that we live a life full of life. They know their place. No need to explain to them where their place is, and if we do not live neither such methods nor means will help us. Offensive.

We want to be the king of Bashan Chai Chai because it is with our Israel a tremendous and living power that awaits resurrection is ready, whole powerful systems are ready and waiting and waiting for the great men of Torah to light its way, breathe life into it, give power to these systems that will run forward and establish the throne of Gd in the world.

Rabbi Eli. How do you network for yourself? How many public messengers like you do we have? How great are the faith?

For the last day I have been tormented by a thought that seems right to me: God takes from us the great, takes from us the delusion that only the great will do the work for us, they will explain, they will be exalted, they will do and they will act.

And under this are the words of Rabbi Hananel true. I just want to be a partner with him in this prayer, in the great prayer that we are here on the island of the beit midrash, the hundreds and thousands who think of themselves as private we are the generals. We must take responsibility. Each and every one of us who is in this great generation cannot hide and throw the responsibility on those greater than himself.

We must want and pray to the Lord of the world "Open your hand and satisfy every living thing" Let us have these powers to bear this great responsibility to grasp the slopes of the cloak of the great, to grow and grow, to take the responsibility. For tens of thousands of your people, the house of Israel, are looking forward to a great Torah, a great faith, a great spirit. For we want great salvation and it will come only if a great spirit is built in the tens of thousands of your people Israel, not a minority of stars, but a minority of stars by virtue of which the whole nation burns and the houses of study burn. And Rabbi Eli left us a will with tremendous power, immense norms through which we should strive and want to grow all of us, each and every one of us, tens of thousands of your people this great gentile house of Israel wants to hold on to the hem of Rabbi Eli's robe in the depths of faith.

Rabbi Eli and Dina. You will do the plowing, deeper plowing, upper plowing. Pray for the tens of thousands of your people, the house of Israel and for us.

Lord of the worlds give us the power to bear the great responsibility you have placed on this generation. Great generation and great thirst, give us the powers, satisfy every living desire and more desire and more desire so that we can truly want to sanctify your name in the world. These supreme saints will pray for us from above and we want "saints every day to walk in a basket," the tens of thousands of your people, the house of Israel here, "will satisfy every living thing." And with the help of the name out of this truly "what they have sown in life" so we will add life and continue life, we will continue these powers of faith, love, of the pleasantness of the walks of purity.

And your soul will be bundled in the bundle of life.

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