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I feel that all of these are details and examples compared to the great light of one soul

Every meeting with Rabbi Eli and Dina had a special sweetness of love and warmth, of pleasantness and calm; And in their deaths they did not part. For even the wicked of the world, the scum of the human race, could not harm the wholeness that was with them, could not separate the adhesives.

I stand embarrassed and amazed when I want to talk about Rabbi Eli and Dina. Because what will I talk about? About this wonder I saw when I first met him? A young man with a gentle and shy facial expression and hair that reaches to his waist, who came to study with the help of the little women in the former beit midrash of the Merkaz Harav yeshiva. After only three days he trimmed his head shifts and entered the beit midrash to study as a full-time student, with wondrous diligence.

Will I talk about the great struggles he fought in his life? Struggles with many delays, external, internal, spiritual and material - and came out victorious and his hand on the top, and so he ascended in the Holy of Holies, and built his house and the appearance of his teachings in the city of the patriarchs and the Yeshiva of Hebron, in which he linked his life

Will I tell how we accompanied in amazement and prayer Dina's real devotion to making history? How, with heroism and special peace, did he help direct their life forces precisely in the direction of education and the enlightenment of the light of the redemptive Torah?

Will I tell about the weekdays when we would come then to enjoy them? And Rabbi Eli would take me with him to Zvi Zalewski's sukkah, where we would enjoy conversation and rejoice in conversation, music and Torah, and then we would return to his sukkah to study in Chavruta Nofat Scouts from the words of Rabbi

Will I tell about the study group of Tractate Ketubot with Rabbi Ami of the 'Four Elis' team? Or about the immense joy that filled our hearts when it became clear to us that our eldest son Judah and their eldest daughter Batsheva, who would separate for a good and long life, decided to establish their home together, and we felt privileged that the Torah and deep friendship between us will continue in life, for the sake of future generations?

I feel that all of these are details and examples compared to the great light of this one, pleasant and wonderful soul that appeared to us in the endearing personality of Rabbi Eli and Dina. And I allow myself to use the phrase "the one soul" here, because the perfection in the life relationship of Rabbi Eli and Dina, right up until they came together, was so.

Rabbi Eli and Dina were honest. Wonderful honesty, honesty in virtues, honesty in deeds, honesty in thought. The miraculous ability to belong to so many different and even contradictory worlds, and yet, on the contrary, precisely from this, to unite everything among them into one doctrine of life - this is the virtue of the great and heroic soul that appeared to us in Rabbi Eli and Dina.

Rabbi Eli and Dina were part of a unique family. On the one hand, there are members of Dina's family who live in the United States, and on the other hand, those branches of Rabbi Eli's family in Eretz Israel, which are linked to the traditional practices of Gd that are now called 'ultra-Orthodox', and on the other hand. And in contrast to all this, the middle bolt, which connects all the many parts with such great and wonderful love, in honesty, pleasantness and patience - these were Rabbi Eli and Dina.

When we both studied together at the Rabbi's Center, Rabbi Eli was especially attached to Rabbi Oded Wolanski, and especially to the wonderful lessons we heard together in "Da'at Gd" and "Avodat Gd." And he would repeat to me countless times that what he receives from Rabbi Oded is the guidance that it is not enough to think, believe opinions and understand. Should be.

I see in my eyes the special style he would have liked to pronounce in his lips boldly the word "to be." Adherence to Gd is not just a supreme thought, it is a being. Not just to think the divine ideals but to be them.

Only today, in a comprehensive look at the special and wonderful things in the noble lives of Rabbi Eli and Dina, do I seem to understand. Rabbi Eli felt that he could not teach until he was confident in himself that he was present, alive and breathing, what he was teaching. However, when he is able to conquer and overcome the inhibitors, the eruption and the abundance of the light of his teaching opens, and it is possible to add and say the teachings of Rabbi Eli and Dina. And in the words of Rabbi Akiva: "Mine and yours is hers" (Ketubot Seg AA).

Rabbi Eli's knowledge of science and philosophy, together with the love of the land, the love of nature, and above all the love of man, when all this is blessed and clarified from great and many years of toil in the commission of Torah, Halacha and Aggadah - all grew Torah that has a special light. A Torah that has a light of greatness, of breadth and of sweetness, a Torah that especially enlivens and blossoms the souls of our generation.

Rabbi Eli and Dina's miraculous success in education and teaching must also have stemmed from her special personality, with her gentleness and sensitivity, full of love and faith, who knew how to dedicate herself so much to education and teaching, to love and fight and enlighten. But I think that first and foremost this success grew because they knew how to appear the doctrine of redemption, the doctrine of the Land of Israel, to appear the same great light the light of Christ, that the souls of our generation are so eager to meet with.

I wish we could continue to illuminate the great light.

Rabbi Eli Sadan

The parts are taken from the "Purim Letter"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

Eli Sadan carries Eli Horowitz on his shoulders at Eli and Dina's wedding


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