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I still remember the parents of Rabbi Eli who immigrated to Israel over fifty years ago, and he was

Rabbi Dov Lior

Rabbi of Kiryat Arba Hebron

A holy and respected congregation, the family of Rabbi Eli Horowitz, the children, the parents and the rest of the relatives. The severe blow that fell on us on Holy Saturday night splits into three levels: the family level, the yeshiva level - Rabbi Eli educated the yeshiva for about seventeen years, and the community public level - which was one of our community members.

Rabbi Eli and his holy wife Dina, who went up in a storm in the heavenly fire on the night of Holy Saturday, were privileged to establish a glorious family. I still remember Rabbi Eli's parents who immigrated to Israel more than fifty years ago, and he was born in Kfar Haroeh (Rabbi Dov Lior studied at the Kfar Haroeh Yeshiva when Rabbi Eli's father taught there), grew up there, immigrated and ascended Maalot HaTorah, started a family, Everyone is connected to the Torah, everyone is a Torah scholar, and all his life he was devoted to the Torah in the yeshiva where he educated, where he raised people in Halacha and faith. His fortress was also spread over cities in the south of our holy land. His khozari lessons, his morality lessons where hearts. Whoever came to the holy yeshiva in Hebron would go through it, it was the initial route to enter the Holy of Holies, to correct the virtues and study the science of faith in light of the divine appearances of our generation, to observe the providence of Gd for the true Torah.

The loss of the family is very hard, it is in terms of "and on the Sabbath two whole year old sheep" (in the wilderness of KJV 9), two innocent immigrants ascended to heaven at one time. It seems to me that since the founding of the campus there has not been such a heavy and so severe disaster. Although there was a disaster about four months ago, but one family that is extinct at one time, leaving orphans, bereaved, within the campus, such a thing has never been. The wicked, their daring grows until they penetrate the settlement and cut off life in cold blood.

Rabbi Eli did not limit himself only to caring for his family, his main concern and all his eyes were on the education of the Torah, the education of the people of faith. Seventeen years to be in the tent of Torah.

The yeshiva here in Hebron lacks one of its pillars, one of the old Ramim who was all devoted in heart and soul to the sacred work of educating the children of Israel to the Torah and its love, to settling in our holy land while absorbing suffering, all for the same holy purpose, as Sages say Torah and land Israel is bought in agony (Deuteronomy books).

And in the community realm, this loss that has happened to the whole community is extremely difficult, even though our community has been learning of suffering, learning of anguish, especially in the past year. The disaster that occurred about four months ago on Shabbat night in the Parshat "Vitza", the disaster that was on Shabbat "Beshelach" and the disaster this Shabbat "These are the commandments of the Mishkan". Divine providence commands the righteous, commands the righteous, takes the innocent to atone for Klal Yisrael.

Gentlemen, we need to know, that these righteous people who have been taken from us are in the weakness of the generation. God comes down and sees that there are lonely Tzaddiks "My uncle went down to the garden to the perfume beds to graze in the gardens to gather roses" (Song of Songs and II), he takes the Tzaddiks, he takes the innocent, as the sages demanded in my book On Klal Israel.

Today when we have no prophecy we do not know what their departure worked upwards, what it saved, what it contributed to elevate the being, to elevate the public to prevent God forbid heavy disasters. But we have no doubt that such disasters that come upon the public must be reckoned with, we as an individual and the people of Israel as a whole.

We need to awaken in us everything that has to do with our holy land, everything that has to do with the character of the State of Israel as a Jewish state. The weaknesses that are revealed in these areas charge us the best. There is a concept of responsibility, there is a concept of guarantee, this is a special thing in the people of Israel - "All Israel guarantees each other" (Shavuot Lat AA), and Gd takes the righteous as the sages demanded "that fire will come out and find thorns and we will eat heaps "(Exodus 22: 5), the fire goes out because of the thorns but first of all it takes the pile. The great righteous ascend first to atone for the remnant (Yalkot Shimoni hinted at its name). When the prophecy is revealed then we will know in retrospect what this contribution did, The remaining.

There is no doubt that we need to strengthen especially in the sacred realm, just as Rabbi Eli educated Torah and mitzvos against the weaknesses revealed in our people. Against the weaknesses we need to educate for holiness, educate for the love of our holy land, educate for the love of our holy Torah and instill and influence these values ​​to the general public, for all those who do not receive Torah education, who do not know why they are Jews, who do not know why they should be in this land. Them here.

In the difficult torments that befall us, there is no doubt that the accursed wicked want to destroy the people of Israel and their country. There is no solution to the problem we are in. The military is investing days and nights, but it is still not root canal treatment. Even if you catch the wicked, prevent some of them, but it's like an egg spraying some mosquitoes, as long as the egg exists the problem will not be solved.

The people of Israel need to know that our entire country belongs exclusively to the people of Israel. There is no room for another national entity of any kind. First of all we need to internalize it, we need to introduce it, we need to broadcast to all levels in the country that this is the goal. And there is no doubt that R. Eli's education was as the answer of weight against the weaknesses on the outside, to strengthen the spirit and resilience in difficult situations.

Naturally whoever does not have the depth of this belief, I would say that it can be said that he is "on the face". But whoever lives in the city of the patriarchs, whoever breathes the atmosphere of the Cave of the Patriarchs, whoever lives the connection with the past - he breathes the mental resilience and heroism of our holy ancestors who are nearby, one of the great nations who worked in this place. If it is a son of a son of Jephunneh and if it is King David and other great men of Israel for generations, whose work has not been limited only to their time, they radiated and they radiate courage and heroism and resilience even in such difficult situations. These disasters that befall our settlement are only strengthening, they are only forging and deepening the roots of our public in this place. We will not move from here, we will continue to develop, and the voice of Torah, that these wicked wanted to be cut off here in the city of the patriarchs, will continue.

There is no doubt that the yeshiva in terms of "in the blood of my life" (Ezekiel 16: 6) will be strengthened from this and the voice of the Torah that will emerge from the city of the patriarchs will be like a double-edged sword against the wicked as the sages demanded "the voice of Jacob and hands by Esau" It emanates from churches and seminaries.

Rabbi Eli was one of those who stand guard in the stronghold of the spirit of the Knesset of Israel, which is the counter against the weaknesses revealed in our people. We will continue the path of R. Eli the 14th, we will continue his message, the uniqueness revealed in his soul and his wife whose soul will be bundled in the bundle of life that was to help him. Their spirit will continue to radiate to the yeshiva and the community.

Gentlemen, we need to come out strengthened and forged. All attempts by evil to cut off the growth of the Israel Fund in the City of the Fathers were shattered in the face of the rocks of reality.

We want to call on the Israeli government and those responsible for security to be strengthened by the dedication of those courageous and heroic pioneers who live in this place as messengers of Klal Yisrael, to save this city that will not be handed over by the accursed wicked, as "do not let your land be a disgrace to Gentiles" (Joel B 17). The city of the fathers is a national asset that radiates courage and heroism and resilience and everyone who is here, every man and every woman, every boy and girl is a soldier on guard to prevent the invasion of the desert savages to the rest of our country.

We need a hedge of multiplicity of settlements, thickening of settlements. Not a concrete and iron fence is the problem. It is not enough to eliminate the wicked, we need to do positive things - many of our brothers the children of Israel will return to all parts of our country and this will ensure peace and security.

We believe that the spirit of R. Eli and his wife, who departed from us during activity, while doing, will continue to radiate even while they are in deceitful treasures, as it was here while within us, caring for the family, caring for the students and caring for community life. Apparently there is a lack of honesty advocates in a higher court, they will be honesty advocates for the family, the children, the holy yeshiva, the Kirya and the whole of Klal Yisrael. And their soul shall be bundled in the bundle of life. And Gd will avenge the vengeance of their blood and the vengeance of all the saints who perished at the hands of the lower iniquity and will rise to their fate at the end of days.



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