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I'm asking for my brothers

Not because you can talk but because you can not be silent. And the heart wanders blood and with the blood tears and with the tears words and the words - a cry

The vertical brother seeks, the brotherhood and evil, the joy of togetherness of members of one family is painful, tormented, multifaceted and nuanced - but one family.

Out of the dazzling tears, out of a torn and bruised heart, out of despair, out of faith, out of the sound of the blood of our brethren shouting from the ground, out of all these, and more - I turn to you my brother. Please, please hear my distress as I beg you.

I address you Prime Minister, the father of the family, as one who carries in his heart the unity of the whole people, the concern and responsibility for all of us, for the country as a whole and to the last of its inhabitants.

I turn to the ministers of the government, to the president, to all members of the public, who are surely seeking the good of the people. And I turn to you, my brothers and sisters, from all parties and factions.

I turn to the brotherhood that binds us all together. Beyond labels and costumes, beyond religiosity and secularism, beyond right and left.

Yes. I'm a settler, but I'm just a simple person. Quite simply just an ordinary citizen. Happy to live, to live in my country, to live in the independent state of Israel. I am a normal person, law abiding and listen to music, get upset sometimes and laugh a lot. Loves flowers and children. Such a person who has not yet had the taste of "hope."

Our statehood will happen to me, will happen to me very much, and so will the People's Army, in which I serve like everyone else (and grumble, sometimes - like everyone else). Judges and policemen, the language and the country. Society and culture - I belong to everything. From everything I suck my life.

What, then, are my sins?

Yes, I am a "settler" Someone has decided to build his house and life on the streets or in jubilation, I chose Hebron. I chose to live in the place where our first ancestors lived, where for the first time their great spirit conceived the idea of ​​the "Jewish state", the idea of ​​cosmopolitan nationalism, which binds delicate morality to a full kingdom.It was hidden in thousands of hidden threads on this land, as a man with his land and Acre resident Four) I bought an apartment, where I live and work, raise my children, eat and sleep, laugh and cry.

Like me, throughout Judea and Samaria, Gaza, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights, there are another 150,000 ordinary citizens living, with red blood, and headaches, and weddings and funerals, and joy and sadness.

But we are "settlers"

If we love our country and our place, if we express the health of the connection with the landscape of our homeland, then we are "inciting". And if we are lovers of life, and while a hail of stones falls on our heads, and the heads of our wives and children, we will respond like any normal person and try to save lives, we are "rioting" anti-democrats "operating a" Jewish pogrom. "

And if a madman rises up and announces racist proclamations that arouse disgust with all gentle hearts - then all of us - the "settlers" family - "racists".

True there are some crazy and inciting in these areas. There are also in Haifa and Givat Brenner. Is that why all Haifa residents are "inciting" and all the residents of Givat Brenner need hospitalization?

I know that until the sensitivity to human life, the respect for all that was created in B'Tselem, exists in the "settlements" no less than in the other cities of Israel.

In the Galilee kibbutz, where I grew up, I was educated in humanism and human love along with the special knowledge of the people of Israel. These tendencies (plantations) hit roots deepened and intensified precisely in Hebron. It was in the ancestral city that I discovered how natural the connection is between "and I will make you a great nation," and "and all the families of the earth will be blessed in you." This is the nature of the "settlers" public, for the most part, even if in times of distress and crisis a jarring expression is sometimes uttered.

What, then, are my sins?

What is the reason for the wild, unbridled incitement campaign that fills government meetings and press columns. The antisemitic racism (anti-settler), the abominable and ugly, full of lies and distortions, is not in your honor, our honor.

The peace we all, all of us are thirsty for is a sublime, moral and pure value. Do you really believe that such a noble goal can be achieved by the more terrible moral fall, by fueling the hatred of Israel, the hatred of your brother?

Is it by demonizing the "settlers", presenting them as cartoonists, without a human photographer, primitive creatures, cockroaches devoid of normal life attributes (yes, just as haters of Israel have done in all generations) - will it clear your conscience when you allow thousands of terrorists Armed for making a "seder" in Yesha (after all, the organization's intentions for the liberation of Palestine are visible to all, written in their treaty, and expressed publicly every day).

Do not please bro, graze. There will be no glory for you in this way.

Last week we lost two of our friends, a father and a son. And as we made our way from the Cave of the Patriarchs to the ancient cemetery of Hebron, to bring together the massacres of 1903 and the massacres of 5754, at that difficult time, the sighs of pain and weeping drowned in the chilling sea of ​​jubilant whistles, A horrible hour, terribly respectful, and terribly majestic - I knew faithfully that the whole nation wept and accompanied these noble souls to eternal rest.

And I also knew, as we all know in secret, that only out of a great effort to reach unity and true peace within us, will we gain the long-awaited peace with our neighbors. Only when we transcend hatred and the hardness of the murky heart, when we listen to each other's language, the language of his brother - only then will the natural solutions to our political complications arise, and out of the dim embarrassment that surrounds us all, a great light will burst.

Eli Horowitz

Just a settler


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