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In the middle of the class Dina said "I can no longer with this music she plays Beethoven and she ma

Dina taught Torah lessons to English speakers, I really enjoyed the way Dina revived the fathers, mothers and prophets. Dina gave them a contemporary dimension. When my eyes closed in the middle of the afternoon, Dina's soft and pleasant voice calmed me.

Once when we were sitting studying Torah in a room at the Music Center, we were playing in the next room. We studied and suddenly in the middle of the class Dina said "I can no longer with this music she plays Beethoven and she makes a mistake". Dina had a very very hard time out of desire and caring, she wanted to run to the other room to show them how to play this thing.

Dina was a natural part of my life, I took her for granted and did not know I would lose her, her wonderful personality the innocence of a girl who was in her, the belief in the good in man, the sensitivity to pain of the other and the enthusiasm with which Dina participated in the joy of friendship.

I once told Dina that I gave birth and she said enthusiastically "Oh how happy I am for you, how happy I am for you" She was so excited and I thought, I am really very happy, but this is not a first birth, it is not that I waited years or something special, but Dina was so excited And she said, "I'm so happy for you."

We played together every week in a women's orchestra, Dina had patience and perseverance until it came out right. Dina would always come after a run with her tongue out and each time with a different story, once "I was about to go out and suddenly comfort came, I had to talk to her", another time "I just came from Jerusalem from the class I taught at the Quarter College", another time "now I just had to talk to The student, 'another time she arrived immediately after a piano lesson she taught. I was amazed, how many actions Dina could have done in one day.

When there was a terrorist attack the day we met in the orchestra, Dina arrived agitated and said, "How can you play today?" Someone replied to Dina, "We must keep playing" and now I ask instead how can we continue playing today?

Carmela Ben Yosef


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