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Please do not cancel, I have no idea who you will bring it to, it also does not matter. Then make su

As a child and as a friend of Batsheva I would come to their house a lot. I have always seen Dina happy, laughing, flowing, everyone's friend and everything with lightness and eye level reference.

Years later, when I was growing up, I went to educate at a studio in Kiryat Arba while Dina was an educator there. When I entered the educators' meeting I heard Dina raising questions from her students, she raised the questions as her own, as something she did not understand and needed refinement. As a young educator, I thought that educators should be smart and above, I suddenly saw Rebbetzin Dina the Great asking the questions from the students' point of view. It really impressed me.

When I was already married with children, I once sat in the garden with a friend who organized meals for the mother, the friend told me that Dina also volunteered to prepare food for the mother, even though she is no longer at this stage in life, but it turned out she did not need the food that day. .

Rabbi Eli, who answered the phone, told the company that Dina took the preparation very seriously and for two days now she has been thinking about what food to prepare and she has already started. 'Please do not cancel, I have no idea who you will bring it to, it does not matter either. Then make sure you also call Dina and tell her it was very tasty and excellent and I do not know what. '

I tell it to show their love and intimacy that Rabbi Eli did everything behind the scenes that Dina would be happy and not sorry.

Shulamit Waldman


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