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Dina's words of reassurance to her students during the second intifada

At the beginning of the intifada, a period in which Jews were murdered frequently. We felt so helpless that we did not want to sit in class, we felt fear, confusion, pain ...

Dina listened to us and smiled in her gentle way, saying the following:

It is written in the Book of Exodus that after the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea, Miriam led the women of Israel in singing and dancing in honor of God as a thanksgiving for the great miracle. "And Miriam took ... the drum in her hand, and all the women went out after her with drums and with dances" (Exodus 15:20).

Where did the women get musical instruments from? Rashi replies: "They were promised to be righteous in a generation for whom God performs miracles and brought drums out of Egypt."

Here is evident the immense power of these women they could see beyond all bereavement and slavery a better time, a time of peace, a time when all our enemies would be defeated, and we would be able to march freely without fear. It is a vision that they did not see as refined, but were so confident, that they knew the end would be huge, and took out musical instruments with them.



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