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Dina was all singing, she was all a tune, one big tune that would never end.

In Dina the love of man stood out most unusually, I have never seen such a person, I envy her, in this ability to love, love, love endlessly and give and give and give and she always had time and the ability to listen and give.

Dina would come to us a lot (for halakhic questions with Rabbi Dov Lior, the rabbi of the city) and I admired her healthy ability for halakhah, Dina was a bridal instructor and in general helps many people and she would come with the questions to the rabbi.

When there was a difficult problem, Dina felt the bride or the other so deeply, in full identification, that sometimes it was hard for her to accept the verdict, but she accepted, despite her difficulty. Dina had her submission to halakhah, the acceptance of halakhah, and she was committed to halakhah.

For more than ten years we met every week and played together in an orchestra, on a very experiential evening where the music itself was experiential, but apart from the music ... the rabbi (Dov Lior) would always ask me "Well, what were you talking about?" Our psyche and Dina really took a prime role, because everything that concerns the soul, speech, emotions - it is Dina, there is no one like her.

Dina was all singing, she was all a tune, one big tune that would never end.

For Dina, with her endless psyche and unlimited spirit, it was very, very hard to get into frames, it was all all hard for her. Dina would always come with the 'tongue out', and she would describe how she had not yet had time and she had already arrived and she was here and there ... and miraculously she arrived anyway.

I tell it also a little laugh at her, not terrible, but also to praise her, because eventually Dina came and went into a box and it's growing up, maybe to a square person who has everything neat it's not growing up, but to a woman so full and endless and sensitive, almost flying, For her to get into the frames, it grows.

Dina was amazed at everything and everything was unique and multidimensional and that's how she also ascended in the heavenly storm, that's how she also walked in such an amazing and special way and left us all in shock.

Rebbetzin Esther Lior

Excerpt from the orchestra - God did not raise my heart in Dina's composition


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