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Dina was very worried, Eli suddenly disappeared from her, after many searches the lost man was found

Many experiences were our lot, we raised the soft children together. The cute seven-year-old, and the curly Zvika.

We will never forget our Fuji neighborhood either, because we have always been exceptional and different from the people who lived in the neighborhood, Ritza and Magarta, Melichot and Maha Leah.

Every person has his own craziness, let’s not forget the colors that dominated the walls of their home, the colors of blue and green.

They were special people, so much so that they did not even have the key to their apartment. Their home has always been open to all.

David Isol, Dina's relative, would come almost every afternoon, Arlene, Dina's cousin, was a housewife with them. The Zinni family and many other friends.

Their door was open to the guests as the house of our ancestor Abraham.

A smile appears on our faces in our memory that one day Dina was very worried, because suddenly Eli disappeared from her, after many searches the lost was found on a bench in a public park in Ramat Eshkol.

Joshua and Tzipi Kituv

Slideshow of pictures from our lives in Pagi - you can click on the arrows in the picture


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