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Dina as a bridal instructor

Dina was my bridal instructor 18.5 years ago.

Its pleasantness.

She always made sure there was no one in the kitchen and living room when I came in and out and we always had our own quiet room.

It was very important for Dina to show Rabbi Eli that he is her whole world.

She told me about an event that was etched in her memory at the Shabbat table, in the middle of Rabbi Eli's Torah talk, Dina saw someone in the window behind Rabbi Eli's back waving goodbye and she smiled.

Rabbi Eli thought she was smiling at him and she noticed how he straightened up and then after a second he picked up and turned to the window and saw who she was waving and was very disappointed.

Dina told me she felt she had missed out big on that occasion.

Noa Porat


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