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Dina gently stroked the head of her student who refused to detach from her and whose sound of crying

We did not know Rabbi Eli and Dina personally, but Dina's mother, Bernice Wolf, we the 'Women in Green' know well, is one of our prominent activities who lives with the family abroad for half a year and half a year in Israel. It does not matter if she is abroad or in Israel, as a true green woman she is always active for the Land of Israel, information, letters to President Bush, the Jewish and non-Jewish community, newspapers and of course always walks around in a car with a green hat and is ready to demonstrate with us.

Bernice demonstrated with us for many years and shouted "Do not give them guns" and her daughter was killed along with the groom by those guns that the Oslo criminals gave to the murderers.

Everyone who knew them immediately saw the burning love between them, so much so that no one was even surprised that they were both taken together, because in their lives and deaths they could not separate.

I received an exciting letter from a woman whose daughter studied at the Kiryat Arba studio with Dina, the teacher Dina, a teacher in every sense of the word:

Her warm and caressing look captivated me already at our first meeting, the beauty of her face radiated great appreciation and closeness towards her interlocutor. I learned to know over time, as our friendship deepened that Dina and her husband in one Nablus opened their home wide to every Jew generously and with a bright face.

My daughters studied at the Kiryat Arba studio where Dina studied and we came to a parents' Shabbat at the end of the year. On Saturday evening, after graduating from the studio of the eldest of my daughters, a ceremony was held to present the certificates. The evening opened with a sermon by the principal and after that the graduates of the theoretical class were invited to receive the certificates.

Each girl who was called by her name, approached the staff table and walked along with handshakes and smiles and a few girls gave the class educator a kiss and a hug.

We remained in place even when handing out the certificates to the professional class. The first daughter named after her approached the staff table, shook the teachers' hands and stood as if lingering in front of educator Dina and then fell on her neck and did not let go of her grip for a long time.

Dina gently stroked the head of her student who refused to break away from her and whose sound of crying reached our ears. There was silence.

We all watched the play agitated and thrilled, she must have been severely traumatized and the teacher had an attentive ear and support. One can envy such a wonderful relationship I said to myself with a shiver go through my back.

Another name was uttered on the loudspeaker, this student also squeezed the teachers' hands and hugged teacher Dina for a long time. According to the trembling of her body, it was obvious that the student was sobbing. Tears also flowed from the teacher's eyes. As I struggled to choke my cries, I felt many around me struggling with their tears and wiping away a tear and nose.

Similar experiences were experienced by all present when each of the girls from the same class came up to receive their certificates. I did not imagine that a routine graduation ceremony would be a powerful experience. Only when we returned home, when I calmed down a bit, did I ask for an explanation from my house.

My daughter said that this class was randomly a problematic class, both in terms of discipline and academics. Desperate teachers and counselors alternated one by one until a decision was made perhaps to disband the class. Parents and students raised an outcry and a break and at the last moment the name of teacher Dina was raised and the decree was rejected and made way for one last chance.

Endurance, forbearance and love, while investing all in itself, brought about the results of the hopes and the great miracle that took place and was slowly revealed to the eyes of all.

In time the girls' faces wore calm and joy, the girls were able to invest themselves in their studies. One by one, thanks to Teacher Dina, they laid down their 'weapons' and shut down the revolt against values, religion and human society. My daughter drew my attention to the fact that the words of the Torah that Shabbat graduation were prepared and carried by girls from the same class.

Each daughter sought the way that would be unique to her to shower love and contentment on her revered teacher.

It can be said that all the lives of Rabbi Eli and Dina the 14th were a life of love, affection and patience for each other. Love for family, love for every Jew and Jew, love for the land for the people and the Torah. We must continue on their path with love and heroism.

Nadia Meter


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