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The boy goes up to the beit midrash to look for someone with pants and a cap, with a beard and maybe

When my son was three, he was thrown out of the hyder where he was studying "Talmud Torah Morasha." Can't remember why they dumped him, it didn't happen just once. Anyway, that day my son came on his own to the Merkaz Harav yeshiva, where I studied.

At the entrance to the yeshiva there is an entrance foyer from which there are stairs to go up to the beit midrash. My son was ashamed to go up, he stood down until a good guy came and asked him:

"Boy, what do you want?"

My son replied "you dad"

The guy offered him "come with me"

My son was ashamed.

The guy who wanted to help asked "What's his name?"

The son replied "father"

The guy asked "But what's his name?"

The son replied "Father"

The guy asked "what's the last name"

My son replied "Father"

The guy saw it was not going, so he asked, "Tell me, what does your father look like?"

The son replied "he has pants"

The guy asked "What else?"

Benny replied "he has a dome"

The guy replied 'Excellent, we're progressing. Describe it '

The son replied "he has a beard"

The guy asked, "Does he have glasses?"

The son replied "maybe."

With the information he had in the meantime, the boy went to the beit midrash to look for someone with pants and a cap, with a beard and maybe glasses. It does not work, there are lots in the beit midrash - dozens, maybe hundreds of watches to describe. The guy, blessed be God, came downstairs and said to my son:

"Come, I'll take you, I'll go up the stairs with you."

My son, as he was just entering the beit midrash, immediately ran up to me and shouted "Daddy Daddy"

Rabbi Oded asked my son "How do you know it's a father?"

My son replies "It's Dad, see it's Dad!"

Rabbi Oded Haracha "How do you know? Look how many people are here with a beard and a cap and maybe glasses, lots of them! There are a lot of people like that, how do you know it's Dad? '

He knows it's Dad.

Eyeprints, this is a face-to-face meeting. Billions of signs, this is the whole soul of life.

I meet Dad - Dad is everything; It's his hair, his glasses, his smile, his look, his voice, his smell, his emotion. It's all everything everything. Billions of signs, but not signs that a person recognizes in the mind, it is the meeting of life.

In the building of faith, too, there are two paths, a path of signs that build layer after layer and probability after probability, this is the path of Maimonides, a path with tremendous inner depths.

Rabbi Yehuda Halevi goes another way, a way of developing innate eye prints, taking the eye prints from the secular world, from our everyday world, and elevating us to the count where we meet the divine concepts not through proofs and signs that can be arranged, but in direct encounter with the divine content.



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