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The jeep drove ... managed to get about five miles out of the ten I needed - - and then the engine s

In my youth I worked for a while in a field on a large tractor, and to get to it I had to travel a long way on a smaller tractor.

Once, I was asked to drive the big tractor in a jeep instead of the small tractor, and I was instructed to refuel it before I went out into the field. At that time I only knew the diesel, which is used to refuel the tractor, and I was not aware of the fact that there is also a different type of fuel, and the jeep has a gasoline engine. I filled the jeep's fuel tank with diesel and set off.

The jeep drove - it drove a mile, two or three, managed to get about five miles out of the ten I needed - and then the engine stopped, causing great damage.

These things are also true in relation to Israeli nationalism. When we fill our national lives with fuel of the wrong kind, with fuel that suits the gentile nationalism and not the divine Israeli nationalism, the vehicle does travel, but not for long.

The state is rising, developing, moving forward on all levels of life but inevitably it will get stuck, there is no ability to propel the Israeli nation forward in its resurrection marches with spiritual food that does not fit its original inner character.

When we encounter difficulties - political, social or security difficulties; When crises appear in our path; When cracks of weakness and laxity are revealed in our order of life - we need to wake up to put into practice our special noble inner courage of life.

The Eshvish attire can only stand on top of the voice of Yaakov Avinu.

From "Tzur Hatzvam"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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