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The things we see in and admire in others, are actually the things that exist within us.

Rebbetzin Dina told about a group of women with whom she studied in college, a group of women who told about themselves, and shared with each other.

One woman, the wife of a wise student, said that her husband Cohen and every day he and his sons go up to the priests' blessing and say: "Blessed are you ... who we sanctified in his commandments and commanded to bless his people Israel with love", so her husband every day before prayer works to remove any bad thoughts about Someone from Israel, and really loving all of Ami, and so he educated his sons as well.

Dina was really fascinated by this matter of loving just about everyone in Israel.

Another time she taught us that people look at reality through their inwardness, and the things they see in other people and admire them, are actually the things that exist within them.


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