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He starts running further along the alley, when suddenly he stops, thinks ...

I taught in one of the meetings the Parshas Sefer Bereshit. One day, after finishing the lesson, one of the students approached me and asked me to stop telling so many stories in my lessons, and instead learn more about the "material" ... but we really need to understand that these stories are important for us to understand who our father Abraham really is. on them.

The talk about Abraham is thoughts, content and ideas, but in the story of that innocent child a great tangible and real point of truth shines upon us, from that good of Abraham, revealed for a very small moment and revealed in the world. We are dealing with top content, but when we encounter the appearance of this content within the actual reality, shall we close our eyes from seeing it? We must open our hearts to the discovery of this truth, and with their help stand up for the greatness of our ancestors and hence for the greatness of ourselves.

Something of the truth: I was privileged to regularly attend Rabbi Zvi Yehuda's talks on this week's Torah Portion, every Saturday evening. I would sit in classes, attentive and alert, careful not to lose a single word. At that time I felt that these hours were literally reviving me. Rabbi Zvi Yehuda would repeat over and over again the same elements, about Avraham Avinu and his righteousness, about the prophecy of Yeshayahu of "Look at the flint of their hewers."

People would retire from classes after feeling that nothing was renewed for them there, while I felt the exact opposite - I was just looking to hear the same things over and over again, I did not want innovations and additions, just to hear the same things over and over again. These classes were to me like a battery claim if I had to be absent from one of the classes I would be attacked with great weakness, but when I got to be in the class I would be filled with tremendous energies, so much so that I could not fall asleep. I would just sit and study after class with great diligence until the wee hours of the night.

This would happen every Saturday night, but I could not understand the secret, I could not stand on the point that so enlivens and excites me in these encounters with the rabbi. Until once, during class, my understanding shone. I was reminded of an old story about Sherlock Holmes, the famous English detective. Holmes searches for some evil man, until he feels he can trace him. He arrives at a certain alley a short time after the evil has passed there, and during the chase he sees a passerby there. The detective asks him if he has seen a fugitive here, and Hela replies that he did see, and begins to describe him in his face, his clothing was such and such, his height so and so and so on.

The detective thanks him very much and stores in his brilliant mind all the exact descriptions, asks him where the suspect fled and turns to continue the chase. He starts running further along the alley, when suddenly he stops, ponders, and notices that the same light passer is actually describing himself, and no one else ...

Suddenly I understood the secret of magic, I understood what attracted me so much in the conversations of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda, the rabbi did not describe in his words Avraham Avinu as an outsider, what a noble figure he described Avraham Avinu as he emerges and emerges from the essence and impressive of his own personality. He does not tell about someone far away, about a historical period, about events that took place thousands of years ago, he tells about our ancestor Abraham who lives right here and now, within himself.

This is what is so contagious, "find sex and shake", the very contact with this character brought me to life because it was a meeting with Abraham who lives within us, this animal point is hidden and exists within every person from Israel. This is the secret that was revealed to me in those Saturday night conversations .

From "Tzur Hatzvam"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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