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It seemed to me that I saw Abraham and Sarah here among the paths of the campus. The pleasantness, t

Zvi Katzover

Head of the Kiryat Arba Council

Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Dina. When I would see you, it seemed to me that I saw Abraham and Sarah here among the paths of the campus. The comfort, the light of your face, your all-Israeli hospitality, religious, secular, immigrants looking for a way and looking for an answer.

Reminds me of what was said about Avraham, the hospitality of Avraham Avinu that took place here near the house of Rabbi Eli and Dina at the entrance of the tent, at the entrance of Aloni Mamra, and thus it is written: In your eyes, do not pass over your servant. " What does "do not pass over your servant" mean, does Avraham say to Gd wait until I do something else? Could it be? Or, that the more acceptable thing is that here the essence of welcoming the Divine becomes clear.

Abraham understands that the name is visible to him. He raises his eyes and seeks how to do good, how to apply the divine tendency, and so Abraham says: Lord of the world, do not pass, for I am going to apply the revelation in which you appear to me. Such hospitality connects the natural desire to do good and do kindness to the divine source of that desire. Such a connection executes the whole operation. And so Rabbi Eli and Dina sought to expand their tent, they built a house of glory, raised children and disciples and educated everyone to the same connection between the natural will of man and the divine source.

Blessed is everyone who hears Torah from them. It is a great loss to the family, to us, to the community and to all the educational institutions in which they taught and educated.

The space that is opened is very large, we all have a duty to continue their special path that was all the love of Gd, and by this power they operated all their lives. In their lives and deaths they did not part.

May their soul be bundled in the bundle of life.


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