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We had a special closeness of souls of those who made their way as voters longing for distant places

Minister Effi Aitam

Minister in the Government of Israel

Dear Rabbi Eli and Dina who in their lives and deaths did not part, Rabbi Eli and Dina on the eve of Shabbat Kodesh in the city of Hebron which is all a connection to the people of Israel to his ancestors, to his mothers, to our roots, which is all a connection to Eretz Yisrael, which is all a connection to Torah Yisrael. The soul of every Jew and Jew to all the worlds of purity and of the Zohar, on the eve of Holy Saturday where you sat and examined the last details of the building of our Temple, which sanctifies holiness from on high into the order of life in this world, the same temple given between two letters. When you find out your part of your house of your Mishkan to be a little temple, to be a place where Shechinah and love and joy served, on the eve of Shabbat Parashat Pekudi - death commands you.

Death rose in your window, death rose in our window. And when the same savages, the same animals, visited you, in the form of "the commandment of the patriarchs over sons," the account that we are entrusted with is the account of exile from which we have not yet come out, is the account of subordination that the enemies of Israel still hold. And the wells are all the Philistines. "And there is no blockage but impurity and no blockage but sealing, and they are the Palestinians of this generation - drawn to the well of living water that was your home, to the well of light, to the well of joy, Very much to the parsha to which we approach Parashat Vayikra, in which it becomes clear that man lives his victim in the order of life who seeks to draw nearer and closer in the examination of the verse "and I am close to God good for me", and I am sure that even in these terrible shocked moments your soul came out in the same reading. This one - reading audio, reading his name.

I knew Eli at the yeshiva, right, we did not talk much but we had a special closeness of souls of those who made their way as voters as longing from distant places, getting closer to a wall to its power to the sanctity of the redeeming Torah attribute that builds our lives. Shimmering and with joy and kindness that can not be mistaken, we met at such and other intersections.

We all stand here and know that the answer to impurity, that the answer to sealing is to dig living wells, building wells, Torah study wells 'study wells of infants of Beit Rabban' and go and build the people of Israel in their land according to its teachings.

I stand here in the name of the people of Israel, the State of Israel and the Government of Israel who are the beginning of the growth of our salvation and you are so well understood the deep meaning of this statement, and we are all by the power of this Torah by the yeshiva Your mantle which has fallen and become double in strength and double in faith, and we will return and be called by the name of our God and we will return and shake with the chariot and with the horses.

We here are the government of Israel with Israel as commandments and doers say here to the Horowitz family and including us and all the people of Israel - we will not rest and we will not be afraid, we will be built again, we will learn again and we will also have the power to protect all these.

May your memory be blessed


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