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The children are already in the car, and you ask everyone how they are and how they were in kinderga

Tuesday, the day a mother teaches a class on educating teenage children. It was ten o'clock at noon. I like every Tuesday at this time in the car, on the way to pick up the kids from kindergarten, know that in a few minutes the phone will ring, it will be you, my mother, I will answer and hear the voices of the women still left to thank, ask questions and add clarification : "Just a moment", and I will feel your embarrassed smile through the phone and then say "thank you" to them in your pleasant voice.

"Mom, how was it?" I ask, know about all the hours of thinking and preparing since last night, and you say in your simple style: "I do not think I have anything to innovate for women here, they probably sit and listen to me because they do not like ..."

"Oh mother, stop" I answer, for a moment I forget who the mother is here and who the daughter is ... "Stop underestimating yourself, you have been sitting and preparing the lesson for many hours ..." And slowly we will start discussing the details and you will explain to me and give examples from our adolescence and I will add examples from my children (who have not yet reached adolescence in the conventional sense of the phrase, but the symptoms already exist ...) and together we will whiten things.


The children are already in the car, and you ask everyone how they are and how they were in kindergarten, and I'm already home and on the way home and the conversation continues. The cell phone between the shoulder and the ear and already lunch, and you have the patience to wait while I take care of the children, and so we continue to talk another one of the long, everyday conversations about the important things, a conversation that never ends and can not end.

And a year passes, a year of infinite times of taking the children out of kindergarten and preparing them for lunch, baths and layering, a year of deep pain, a year of endless longing, a year of daily coping. And the conversation, yes the same conversation, continues to take place, the same flow of animals and vitality of such a natural and simple truth, continues to flow within me - from you.

And in the hard moments, the moments when it seems like one phone call, a surprise visit or a caressing touch would change the situation, I gather inside and listen inside, and suddenly I hear the same conversation and feel the same flow of life flowing from you to me and my children, a flow that never stops .

Your flow of life was so strong that it could not be reduced within the confines of the family bank, it swelled and poured into the hearts of many students, girlfriends and women washed in a stream of inner truth, of natural honesty of spontaneous modesty, of deep and noble beauty.

The things you said in these lessons stemmed from the same source of living water that pertains to the inner layer of the relationship between parents and their adolescent children (at any age ...) and does not paint this connection in learned psychological theories.

This is the power of things, and it is fitting that they should be published and heard in many homes, and with their help and in Gaza, we will together be able to stone the stones that slow down and divert the same natural flow between parents and their children.

Batsheva Sadan


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