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Dina's sewing machine, kindness, love and giving

As a trainee of Nehama, I spent hours and hours in the house of Rabbi Eli and Dina

Eli and Dina have always been interested in the background and always full of people around them who also come to receive reinforcements, hugs and comfort ...

Then a period passed and Nehama was less at home and I came less .. I learned sewing then and I did not have a sewing machine.

One day I met Dina outside, Dina asked me how I was. I shared with her that I am learning sewing and she was so excited for me.

We were standing by her building and Dina said to me, "Come home with me for a moment." I streamed ...

Then when we entered we went together to the small room that had Dina's sewing machine there and then she said to me "I will bring you a key to the house, even though you will probably find it open all the time" when she laughs ..

'It's a great machine, you can use it whenever you need. My husband and I are almost never home, we are very busy, and even if we are at home it does not bother at all. You can come whenever you want. Please do not be ashamed, the machine will be very happy to be used. '

I was so shocked. I did not know what to say, except for a small method.

I felt that Dina wanted to give me her heart, that it made her so happy that they would use her sewing machine, that I thought about it seriously. I also had to spend time .. I had all kinds of homework and I did not have a machine.

One day I really came and there was no one home,

Then she just Dina came back and heard the machine. Even before she got to the room, she was already with a glass of water and straight brought me.

I was very inflated and amazed and excited by the kindness and caring and sensitivity. How happy Dina is to see me messing with the sewing machine.

One day I asked Madina for permission to take some part related to sewing, Dina told me "I'm with my daughter on the phone, but feel free, whatever you need ..." and went into her room.

Since then, every time I sew something, I am reminded of them and this house that was all grace and giving love. I remember them in the People of Light.

How modest and humble ...

The caring, caring, sensitive melodies that were between them.

In this house, the first spark ignited in me that gave birth to hope, that despite the complex house I grew up in, maybe I myself will win a house with a loving relationship.

I received so much from them that it is indescribable.

Congratulations I also won ...

They were my first inspiration ... hoping it was entirely possible ...



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