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The chance for peace

All we are saying is: Give peace a chance

All we say: Give peace a chance

"And they shall heal the breach of my people, for it is easy to say, 'Peace, peace, and there is no peace'" (Jeremiah 7).

Talk hello. And talk ... and talk ... and talk ...

There is a peace movement, and the peace camp,

There is a peace process (please, do not breathe),

There is peace as a supreme value and bowing down to the earth),

There is a "peace generation" and a "peace for generations."

There is peace and cold peace.

There's peace now and hell tomorrow,

There's a song for peace,

There is even a peace tower.

But what to do, there is no peace.

"And they shall heal the breach of my people" - the false prophets and the priests healed the breach of my people for an affliction "- that is, for an easy statement that does not really have 'to say peace peace and there is no peace' -

They said, "Peace, and there is no peace, for the enemy comes every day."

(Radak's commentary there).

Submission, apology - for peace

And the wave of incitement is rising day by day

So we 'explain' our position

Crawling on our bellies

We will uproot our communities

We will tear our people apart

For peace

For the end of the wars, the killing, the blood, the bereavement.

new Age,

New Middle East,

new world,

Christ is coming,

And the hand is raised on our capital

And the sword rests on our necks.

"I am peaceable, and I will speak; what is the war" (Psalm 7: 7) -

"When I say hello to them, what are they waking up to in the war?"

(Fortress of David there).

"Woe to a regime whose policy is stuttering and powerless,

Woe to the regime bound by its army,

Woe to him when he meets an enemy who knows only the law of power.

Every weakness in the deed, every slackness in the effort - tilts the spoon against him,

And a light blow enough to knock him to the ground. "

(Klausowitz, Prussian military man, one of the forefathers of modern martial arts, in his book "On the War" Book 3 Chapter 16)

We are not students of Klausowitz.

We do not believe that "war is a continuation of policy, in other ways"


War is an abomination to us.

With all our might we seek peace. True, just, lasting peace.

And in all our actions we are moving towards the difficult war.

What can we contribute to the peace discourse?

What can be said that has not been said?

What can be sung that has not been sung?

Went inside. To the beit midrash.

To hear the words of a king. The King of Kings named Peace;

And we will absorb the light of his teaching, whose ways are the ways of grace,

And all its paths are peace;

And from this the way will become clear,

And strong souls will be born.

A pure heart created me God and a new true spirit within me

(Psalms 12)

From Doomsday

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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