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The story that moved Zvi Horovitz when he built his house

I want to tell you about something that really moved me now and made me cry.

As part of building our home in Hoshea, our contractor and amazing designer took us to Livniel to meet an artist who builds special wooden front doors.

We met a lovely man there and were very impressed by the doors and after about an hour his old father, the founder of the carpentry shop, who has lived in Yavniel for the last 50 years, arrived.

Somehow, (not with much difficulty) I came to tell them that terrorists had entered our house and that they too had a wooden door. The old father inquired about their names and asked to see a picture of them. I'm not walking around with a picture but I searched the internet on the phone.

Then the man pulled out of his pocket the wallet containing a yellowing newspaper clipping with a picture of Dad and Mom that has been used for 17 years as a mascot wherever he goes.

The man did not know them, and had never met them, but their smile captured his heart.

This special man, who lost his son (a wood artist himself) in a car accident about ten years ago, decided to dedicate his life to the love of Shabbat and he is conducting a quiz on the subject of Shabbat for fourth- and fifth-grade school children across the country.

Zvi Horovitz


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