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The inner voice that Teacher Dina left in me

Teacher Dina left a deep impression on me. She had a warm and caressing presence. Deep wisdom with simplicity. I had a feeling she believed in the good in me far more than I could believe in myself.

Once I came to the studio to complete a matriculation exam in B'Tselem.

When Teacher Dina heard this she was so shocked. I remember the words she said to me then in a storm: 'Do you think you're lazy ?? What's a little lazy? '

I felt she was fighting to make sure I did not believe the harsh things he said to me. To this day I hear her sometimes tell me that.

Like an inner voice that stays inside me not believing in bad things that someone says about me or that I say about myself ...

At the funeral I felt her presence so strongly as if she was hovering over us and stroking us and saying that everything was fine and everything would be fine.

Over the years I experience this feeling every time I remember it (really not just on Memorial Day).

I really liked her openness. The way she shared personal feelings and thoughts in simplicity.

Talked about her weaknesses as if it was the most natural thing to do in front of a not-so-accommodating teenage class.

Surprisingly this only increased the appreciation towards her.

Halamish's lessons with her were deep and courageous and I so wanted to come to her for bridal training when the time came, but unfortunately I did not get it.

The memories stored in my heart are memories of the emotion that is a little harder to translate into words.

May their memory be blessed.

Oshrit Hadad


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