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The piano concert that Dina stopped in the middle

As my piano teacher:

In one of the concerts that Dina did for her students at home, I also played and I did not want to bother my mother to come to the concert as well, I just did not care, between us - my mother has watched me in dozens of concerts before and heard me rehearse at home so why should you bother and come ??

Dina did not accept this and insisted that my mother should be and hear her daughter at the concert!

In the end, even though I was stubborn too, she just stopped the concert, picked up the phone to us at home and there was no answer at home ... I really remember seeing the disappointment on Dina's face that my mother would not be and I did not really understand then why it is so important to her.

In order not to delay everyone, the concert continued, but at the end Dina did not give up and sent me physically to bring my mother home to you and just held a private official concert for us, my mother in the audience role and I in a solo performance ...

Today in hindsight I so understand Dina's insistence and what things she saw in me, that stood her ground.

She smiles at me as she recalls how I was privileged to meet Dina's heart, the same subtleties and sensibilities reserved for her, her special and delicate inner hearing, the truth and stubbornness, the good and the tender that enveloped and accompanied her every step, word and song.

I got to know Dina (and also Rabbi Eli) from many faces:

For the first time - as the mother of Nehama who was the instructor at Ariel

Later - as my music teacher in the field and piano in person

In the end - I won that Dina was my educator in the twelfth grade.

Vardit Zellinger


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