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The elegant Capitol .. Tanks in the streets .. The view, the view of Washington, her hometown, but t

"Oz and Hadar are dressed and will play for the last day"

Rehabilitation remarks by Rebbetzin Dina Horowitz the 14th to the national service member or soldier

Life at the moment is in a state of uncertainty. Winds of war are blowing in the world and who knows what a day boy is? It is possible that until these lines are read, everything will change - has the attack on Iraq been launched or not? Israeli citizens in protected areas or conducting their lives as a routine? The victory of the armies of the West is as fast and smooth as we were promised, or did things get complicated, or was the war eventually averted?

The period is not simple and navigating daily life in such a situation is a complex and serious challenge, easy and material that is difficult to look at in the long run and stick to distant goals and make decisions of "after time" ("See you after Purim", This one with Iraq, "etc.).

This week I heard a story that enlightened my eyes. One of my acquaintances said she saw a really surreal look on TV. Screens from her childhood district and her hometown, Washington, were seen on screen. She watched the elegant Capitol building, the famous White House, the tall Washington Monument - and everything is so familiar and nostalgic of "once upon a time."

But in the same picture, as in an unsuccessful college, the presence of tanks in the streets, combat helicopters hovering in the sky above, and the city full of soldiers and security forces stood out. At the bottom of the screen, the caption ran: "Serious warnings about Mega - terrorist attack in the capital ... The residents were asked by the president to prepare airtight rooms and store water and food ... The security forces are in full swing."

The thought that went through her mind was that the sight, the sight of Washington, is her hometown, but the atmosphere is the atmosphere of Hebron, her city of residence ... ".

On the phone to her brother, she heard about the panic that gripped his family and all his neighbors. He spoke hysterically about the abysmal fear that gripped them, the feeling of helplessness. Everyone falls apart and they feel helpless and exposed to any danger. Her sister-in-law, really cried.

Where will their help come from? What's going on in the world? Who would have believed that they would reach the point where their personal safety was threatened? What will? Every moment is a nightmare that has no description, no pension!

My friend listened attentively, empathetically, after empathizing with her family members and encouraging them with words of reassurance and reinforcement, she felt a deep insight. Suddenly she started laughing without stopping. Something has happened here in the last two and a half years, she realized. Yes, she too was once hysterical and frightened.

Who would have believed that she could live in such a situation even one day? week? If someone had told her in advance that this and that would happen in the years to come, she thought to herself, she would not have been able to do that. But she is! We have all adapted and are capable of it! In order to do so!

When she heard the distress that gripped her family abroad, she realized something she had not realized before: here in the Land of Israel, a national resilience was created in us, an inner courage was formed in us, a deep and certain layer was revealed in us that can be trusted! Fact is, it belongs to the essence of our lives here in this country and now in this wonderful generation.

And you, the national service woman or the female soldier, the one who does a year of kindness, or the one who studies at the midrasha, or the "Blessed are those who dwell in your house" - even your life during this period they hover in the spaces of uncertainty. Who am I? what am I? What are my values? What's local? What to do next year?

The pressure is mounting - you have not yet had time to get used to the current framework, you are just starting to feel "good" here, to feel your self again, and you are already pushed to new and "fateful" decisions: how to proceed? Studies? Psychometric - yes or no? Another year of service? where? A seminary? Maybe take a break? work? See a world? Thought haunts the other and the feeling is one of dizziness and suffocation. And we have not yet touched on the really difficult questions ...

But this you must know: in each and every one of them there is the same point of inner courage that my social pointed out. This is true in the life of the individual just as in the life of the whole nation. The expression of the same point is different in each and every one, and its revelation is varied and distinct between a woman and her friend. But its very existence is undisputed.

Something happened here during the years of your life. Yes, you were once a confused little girl and dependent on the appreciation of others. Who would have believed that you could live in such a "state" of uncertainty, of having to take responsibility for your life and make decisions? You may be afraid that you are not capable of it, but you are! You have adapted and are able to do that!

In order to do so - you realize something you did not realize before: here over time, resilience is created in you, an inner courage is formed in you, a deep and sure layer is revealed in you that you can trust! He exists, you are such - each and every one of them. That is a fact, it belongs to the essence of your life here in the country and now in this wonderful generation.

Sweeping and inclusive words, I know. There are exceptions, you say to yourself, and you are right, but the rule is certainly true, and I will add an explanation "and it is enough to be wise in Ramiza." My confidence in having the same inner peace also stems from being a woman.

In the Gemara it is quoted (Brachot 17: 1a): There is a great promise that the Holy One, Blessed be He, promises more to women than men, as it is said (Isaiah 22: 2) "Women who are complacent will hear my voice, girls, I will surely listen."

From the Gemara we can learn that there is basic complacency and inner security in a woman that guarantees her a handsome salary. This complacency belongs to the woman's ability to naturally sense life and dive through her balance to the depth of their meaning.

This is all the more true of the woman's attitude towards herself - if she allows herself to believe in her ability to connect with herself and develop the same deep layer within which she can be trusted. And if she needs help, God has someone to turn to - her mother, a loyal friend, a wise figure ...

And to all we will add a prayer to the Creator of the world who makes peace, who will make peace for us and for all Israel and for each and every one of us, and we will say Amen.

Dina Horowitz


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