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Rabbi Eli built his moves brick by brick in slow steps

The late Rabbi Eli Horowitz had a huge, huge head. He had a comprehensive, broad and deep concept with an information talent that anyone could understand.

The legislation in his souls was by patience and in slow steps of lessons that could last as long as three hours, but Rabbi Eli built his moves brick by brick in slow steps.

I worked alongside him at the Shavei Hebron Yeshiva, his main place of work, but when I founded the Tel Aviv Yeshiva, it was Rabbi Eli who laid the foundations for the high level of expectations in the study of faith. Rabbi Eli owns shares of an entire building of generations in Gaza that will be built on these foundations. He was a partner, from the founding, to a big head and a free, open and liberated look.

It is a great loss to a poor generation, although there are sides of depth, but the connection between depths and the capacity for information and abstraction, which is actually the ability of communication between the late Rabbi Kook and the contemporary generation, which has many many other perceptions and many other worlds. This is a significant loss. Anyone who looks at the spiritual and cultural reality that our generation feels in a tangible way, is the downside.

Anyone who has known Rabbi Eli understands what we need and what can be and how it is possible to take things at deep and inner levels and make them accessible at a level that will not be low, but will be sharp, clear and powerful, in a way that embraces life.

When a person from Israel dies, the whole group will worry and the concern should be to fill in the disadvantage of who will give us in return and if everyone takes on such a thing ... and here there is a huge giant who will give us in return for something at these levels of depth and penetration into life. What to work and toil to build such a great Torah.

May all their seed after them be sucked from these powers and put into practice. In Gaza that this spiritual genetics will work because the people of Israel need this great spirit.

Rabbi Chaim Ganz


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