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It is well known and famous that everyone in Hebron and Kiryat Arba are fascists, haters of man, hat

Many years ago I taught in Tel Aviv, at that time (after Rabin's assassination) there were meetings of guys from the Tel Aviv yeshiva with Dor Shalem, a leftist organization like Peace Now, at first it was an organization that was a bit non-political and a bit ideological and it was very interesting And violates these encounters.

The first four meetings were in Kasach and ended in Kasach. Then the mowing ended and everyone became friends and there was a dilemma what to do next? Usually it exhausts itself, but there was a decision to continue the meetings.

It was decided that at each meeting, another party would deliver an hour-long lecture and then a two-three-hour discussion. I once talked there about our ancestor Abraham and I talked about his expanding personality, about his hospitality that he brought in every person, even the same people who seemed to him as Arabs.

At one point, when I was talking about our execution of the patriarchal trend of our ancestor Abraham and talking about the moral value, there was one there at a meeting who stood up and said he thought I was fake, because it could not be someone random four talking about morality and human love, it is not possible at all, For it is well known and famous that everyone in Hebron and Kiryat Arba are fascists, haters of man, haters of Gentiles. He said, "It can not be." I told him "be surprised."

Then I continued with a lecture on Hebron versus Sodom, on building a moral and loving life for every person. "Something stinks here, can not be, you're working on us." They know what it is. I went on to explain that in order to carry out the moral trend and be good to all man, a nation must be established.

"Ahhhh" I was caught, "you are national" nationalism is the opposite of morality. Offer the cat from the bag.

You have discovered your disgrace in public. You are in favor of Israeli nationalism. It is known and famous that nationalism has become the best.

I have in no way been able in the world to convince them to understand that there can be a nation that belongs to the good and the moral.

Whoever wants to belong to the workers with a god in the redemption of Israel, but has not trained himself and is still full of privacy, selfishness, rudeness, intoxication and lust, is at the beginning of his journey, like all of us, but if he jumps then he becomes national, then he will run on the third. Tired of settling and being active, he will be a nationalist. Someone like that would be close to the outside, to the shell of Israel.

Someone like that would be a patriot, like an American or Italian patriot and it would fill him with human hatred and hatred of nations. It would be far from any ideal idea and object of name in it.

In order not to be like that, one has to go through the purifying lab first, go through the rehab station and break free from the obsessions of indulging in this world. Slowly, out of liberation from it, higher and ideal things come to pass.

A good friend, a very dear Jew from Elon Moreh, told me that he once went into a grocery store and there was a left-wing reservist officer who served in the area, they started talking and the friend tried in good taste to explain to the reservist the whole importance of settlement in Yesha. The argument began to heat up, the friend lost some of his inner peace and the tones rose and became a real quarrel.

Suddenly the friend realized that he was not fighting for the Land of Israel, for the Land of Gd, for the divine ideal and the redemption of Israel, he was fighting for something very private, for his home. He realized in a split second that his mental orientation was elsewhere.

Everyone whose soul in the first place is a soul of Torah, there is such a thing as a 'righteous man from the beginning', whoever he is - does not have to come to my classes, he is released from here until a new message. I can not stand in his presence at all, but he who is like me who knows what the lesser qualities of man, can be here.

I do not see anyone leaving. There are some, righteous from the beginning ... it's frustrating that we are not. Let's be us, we are not like that. Right? We have passionate tendencies, obscene virtues, we are full of anger, passion, spiritual, material and social confusions, rudeness and selfishness. No? It's just me?

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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