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Their general education and most of their talents were a means of reverence for God, because they us

My heart is dizzy, it is hard to say about such a special family of the tiara stones in the glorious crown of the Knesset of Israel, in the holy city of Kiryat Arba, of the holy yeshiva in Hebron, of the Horowitz family, headed by Rabbi Moshe and his wife - As with Amora who is brutally murdered and deserving of murder deserving of the worst of all evil beasts of all kinds.

Our loved ones and loved ones Rabbi Eli and Dina the beloved and pleasant in their lives and deaths - holy and pure as the radiance of the sky shines - have not parted.

We have been privileged to be connected to the saints, by our common sons Nehama and Nehemiah and her grandson herald that they will be separated for a good and long life.

A voice was heard from Zion, how we had robbed, how heroes had fallen.

We lost, we, the family, the city of Hebron and Kiryat Arba, the whole nation of Israel, the whole land of Israel lacked great power, three great men, or perhaps more correctly three who are one. Rabbi Elnatan and his wife whose lives were sacred were for the education of Torah and reverence for God and the giving of graces.

The late rabbi says that the mourning of those involved in the education of the children of Israel is not a single mourning but the mourning of the many, because it is said of them "and the justifiers of the many as these stars teach infants." They were engaged in educating the younger generation and therefore it is clear that their mourning is the mourning of many.

The education of the children of Israel is similar to the idea of ​​building a temple called the decoration of a world that has come to turn a vile world into a beautiful world. And also the education of the children of Israel aims to make the souls of Israel (who have been compared to the stars because although we seem only a small point, but really each one is a full world), and education comes to make them proper and directed to their heavenly Father. That is why sages said that infant educators are "justifying the many as stars." The role of education is to find the way to the inner point of the way of life. When the Torah commanded us to choose the way of life, it did not say "and chose life" but "and chose life," in the inner content of life which is the kingdom of heaven and piety, which is the inner goal of the Land of Israel and the Temple, and of Israeli education.

Rabbi Eli and Dina worked hard to bring this light into education. The inner point in their hearts was reverence. There are those who are God-fearing despite their general education and blessed talents, but with them their general education and most of their talent was a means of reverence for God, because they used their cultural talents to strengthen Torah and mitzvos.

The rabbi says - Sages said "everyone who is lazy in the eulogy of a sage", did not say everyone who does not eulogize the sage, but emphasized that even when there is someone who eulogizes him but he is lazy in his eulogy he deserves punishment. When we look at the portrait of a sage, and of great righteous men, we should see in him two sides, his visible practical side, and at the same time his obscure will side, how much good will was imprinted in his inwardness, in the treasures of his pure soul. Therefore we were allowed to sail in the praise of a sage since it is not a voyage at all, we mention the same inner side, the greatness that was not revealed outwardly, but nevertheless was fixed and standing within the sage's soul and shone under the mask of deeds and shadows of actions.

Rabbi Eli, one of the wonderful growths of the late Rabbi Rabbeinu's Rabbi Center, of a redeeming Torah seminary. You were members of the inner line of those who huddled in the fresh light of our late Rabbi, and the fruit of his teaching was how natural and sweet it was to rub, and he set the essence of your personality, until you became a kind of source, all on the basis of perseverance in studying the Gemara carefully. First with Rabbi Menachem Ben Yaakov and then with Rabbi Mordechai and then as Rabbi in the captivity of Hebron and until now in regularity of expedited study with a group from the older class in the yeshiva, and placing herds of Bnei Torah, and always in willingness and actual occupation to win the many.

Your home is wide open, adopting children, talking to brides and grooms, tips for strengthening Torah and reverence in the way of life. And when we spoke of the need to provoke a movement of repentance and increase on the basis of the rabbi's year in America, you immediately responded and traveled for a whole year every month, and certainly the action of the righteous will not return empty, and if not openly and secretly seeds were sown whose growth and ascent. And Dina, in her gentle and pure heart all love, devotion and empathy, encouragement and strengthening in a very wide circle, to so many hearts.

How great is this treasure which we have lost in our iniquity during the wrath of wrath though quite enough of the burning fire which was kindled on the Sabbath affair of these commanders of the tabernacle of the testimony. And Rashi interpreted Mishkan Mishkan twice that they were Mishkan by them. And in the Midrash Rabbah Teruma we were when the haters of Israel pledged to be annihilated upon them. Moshe said before buying Rashi Mishkan Mishkan twice that they would be pledged by them. And in Midrash Rabbah Teruma we were and the non-futures are that they will have neither a tabernacle nor a temple and what will be on them? Gd said I take from them one righteous man and we continue on their behalf and I atone for them for all their iniquities, and also he says and will kill all the lovers of the eye.

How we robbed, in such a horrible way suddenly "robbed my tent, a moment of my sheets", a moment robbed my tent. How heroes fell, how the weapon was raised in the wrath of Akshab by the vile and despicable murderers, the scum of the human race and the abomination of every righteous soul. We are now filled with the pain of our people, the disgrace of our land, the shedding of the blood of our saints.

Who is sick of our breach, and who avenges our vengeance, who demands our judgment. "May the Lord protect your people and do not let your inheritance be a disgrace to the Gentiles, why should the nations say, 'Aya Elohim'! Indeed, he demands blood, he will judge our blood and the blood of his servants - his saints will be resurrected, and he will give strength to our government and our army. In the mountain of Merom all the land of his covetousness, and we will see our hatred and dry, what will wear shame and upon us will peek Nizro. Return and be bravely equipped with the sons of a holy and faithful gentile, the leaders of the people and their heroes, and the Creator of Israel will prepare your deeds for good and blessing.

And holy and pure souls like the radiance of the heavens, we will fill our delight in heaven with seven brushes, and the joy of the salvation of Israel which will appear, when very soon, a year of reparations for the quarrel of Zion, "

And for the remembrance of the world among the special ones in our saints will be the faithful faithful pure friends Rabbi Elnatan and Rebbetzin Dina our saints, and in the salvation of D. in the redemption of worlds will dwell and rejoice earth dwellers.

And the enemies of God could and the horns of the righteous were lifted up, they would float properly in our land, and the age of the hills would be girded, and the valleys would envelop a bar, they would socialize even more directly, and a righteous gentile would keep them faithful.

We will be comforted by watching salvation for the gentile Kav Ko Kav and Defeat who in Zau rivers his land and we will remember with admiration from the depths of heart and soul the souls of the kind and nice saints Rabbi Elnatan and Rebbetzin Dina with a heart full of weeping signs. But to D. my soul resembles that from him I hope in his daughter from Zion to salvation to Israel his glory soon in our day soon.

Rabbi Zvi Israel Tao


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