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Then Nehama asked "Why the bird on the table?" And Eli put a chocolate cube on my plate

My first Seder night with the Horowitz family, was a very interesting experience.

We all got home, I did not know what to expect some talk at first and then Eli disappeared. We sat down at the table, after a few minutes someone arrives with a blue shirt and a red drawstring on the shirt, with a curly wig on his head.

I was a bit in the market, I did not understand what the game is going to be. There was also a box full of chocolates and nuts on the table and every child who asked questions was given chocolate or nuts.

I was a nine-year-old boy and did not know so much how to conduct myself, but I remember that on the table was a plastic nest with a bird and a small egg inside. Each of the children began to ask the questions, and then Nehama asked, "Why is the bird on the table?" And Eli put a cube of chocolate on my plate. I told him I did not deserve it, I did not ask the question. Eli replied: 'Oh, do you see? You finally asked a question. '

Itamar Shaked

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