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A thread of kindness was pulled across this good friendship. What a melody, a soothing melody, would

If I had known I would have sung a song of thanks to Gd who summoned me to the random meeting years ago as the mother of Sufiya with the mother of Batsheva later on, as the mother of Iska with the mother of Nehama and also Shulamit. And through them meetings between Avior's mother and Zvi's mother.

Between meetings, friendships were formed, which fed on our daughters and also nourished them, but she has strength and depth throughout the years in her own right.

A thread of kindness was pulled across this good friendship. What a pleasant, soothing melody she would play in the background of all the conversations and all the deeds. Even if sometimes painful things were said in them out of "concern in the heart of the man of Christ."

It was these grace and kindness and the same kindness that played, that accompanied them over the years. Both in the light of day and in the darkness of night.

From the inner connection to the Torah; From the constant sucking from the roots of faith, (and as the nature of roots are hidden, they are invisible): from a rich inner world mixed with wisdom and emotion; Out of love and belonging, in a high dose, to all who in the name of Israel will be called the Torah, the people and the land.

I'm just one of many species who got to touch and taste a taste of this light. But Batsheva and Zvi, and Nehama and Shulamit, in whom Gd blessed you, also all the brides and grooms and the descendants, are the drinking seedlings from the same spring.

Rabbi Eli and Dina got to see their fruits that will be praised in the perfection of the houses of Batsheva, Zvi, Nehama and Shulamit, in preparation for the construction of the great house soon.

Yael Amrani


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