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"Well well enough I'm talking too much, now I want your babies"

I owe Dina a big and huge debt because she left me a lot of things that I take into my life, and stop and think, what would Dina say if she was in such a situation now, and that has often helped me.

I took Medina the joy of giving, we would meet once a week for a study and sharing friendship meeting and always at the end of the meeting she would happily offer to drive me to my house, and we would always stay in the car to talk a little more before I go to my house.

Dina opened her heart in an amazing way, her ability to share honestly and openly, me that I am not a relative and have not known each other for many years. Openness that is giving, being candid and talking personal and deep things and sometimes very unflattering but out of that grow.

Dina talked about her difficulty, abortions and births and there was always a moment when she would say "well well enough I talk too much, now I want your babies" she would stop talking and send me so as not to waste time from my family and children.

Second, is to trust my feminine intuitions, not be afraid to say if I am scared, believe my gut feeling, and not be ashamed or afraid that they will think I am cowardly or weak.

I did not recover for many years, and even when she was no longer alive I would leave messages on her cell phone because I could not delete the number. I called again and again to hear her voice in the message, over and over again, she is a person with an amazing smile, radiating joy, and joy and love.

We have been privileged to be in the shadow of such people. R.I.P


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