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One day I walked into Dina's house in the evening, Dina sitting and playing, and her class sitting o

Batsheva and Shulamit Nehama and Zvi and the whole dear family!

We were privileged to be neighbors in Kiryat Arba.

I was privileged that your mother was an educator at the studio, and we worked together in educating the girls.

I saw my mother and saw an angel in front of my eyes. She had a gentleness, and her face - when she spoke to the girls, there was a face that can be found in the description of Moses descending from Mount Sinai "because we beamed his face."

How could she be resisted?

Discipline and rigidity were foreign words to her.

"In a generation of redemption we speak with love," she said and did so.

One day I walked into your house in the evening, Mom sitting and playing, and her class sitting on the floor, singing with her!

It was not difficult to convince me to join the singing (as you know) ...

There was an angel and next to Dad they were a pair of angels - there was a pair of angels in their beauty and demeanor.

We will never forget them !!!

Rafi Kuperstock


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