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When I returned to Israel, there was a female soldier at the airport who told me, "Well, move alread

Without generalizing, but it is known that in the country people are not always so polite, once when I went to America I felt a disgusting feeling, I entered the store and got from the shopkeeper a feeling that I am much closer to him than his brother. He loves you and hugs you. Then when I returned to Israel and arrived at the airport, there was a moment when I did not know exactly where to go and there was a female soldier who said to me, "Well, move already, you book," I felt at home, Welcome.

Why in America are people so nice, if they are not in the middle of shooting their friends at school? Because they found out that this is how things are sold, now they are a little nervous, but they found out that if the customer is always right and they bow down to him, they make more money. Out of the pleasure of themselves the kindness took root in society.

I remember that every time I would come to America, I would rent a car and get lost. Once when I accidentally entered some district where there was no white person, I stopped and asked how to get there, they answered me - drive straight straight, emphasizing that I should get out of here as soon as possible, no matter how you get where you want, first get out of here before you get hurt .

Another time I was lost in another country, a white country, and everything was at ease, the man does not get anything from me, he does not sell me anything, so why was he so nice to me? Because in his store .. or because his dad was an insurance agent and he got used to being nice and smiling at everyone. Sometimes it's annoying but it's ingrained in American society.

The rugged Sabra figure has a few things of great elevation in it, it has some strengths and liberties of protest against the exiles and nerds, (do not know if that is the right expression, I am not really proficient), there is in the rugged Sabra protest against the whims of two thousand years of exile A lot of things are spoiled and foreign to us in the rough accumulation. Sometimes we have to wake up from the outside, but up to a certain limit.

We need to notice fundamentally, understand the deeper points, every issue and issue we need to dive to the depths of holy life in Israel. In relation to man and woman - their skill and status, in relation to everything that Christianity presents to the world, in relation to the connection of a people and a country and its history.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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