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When she calmed down she came spontaneously, I was just talking to someone, and suddenly I felt her

In the last year of Dina's life, we were together in college (at home and in kindergarten) in a group that went through an intense spiritual mental process in music therapy.

During school one of the women in the group was hospitalized for a few months and some of us arranged to come to her every Friday to sing with her and cheer her on. At first we did not think to share Dina since she lives relatively far away in Kiryat Arba, but when Dina heard about this organization she decided to join.

Her joining was very significant to her and all of us, these Fridays were very very special and wonderful, Dina added a lot of personality and warmth to the meetings, we felt her embracing us in full force.

Dina's giving and receiving were at the same time, she could tell us something like "You know, this was the first time I was tolerant at home on a Friday afternoon last week, because before the trip (to visit patients) I had prepared the Sabbath in advance already on Thursday evening."

A person who brings himself, there is also a lot of giving in it, this is what was so beautiful about Dina, she also had the attention to detail in her life with a lot of emotion, even small things were full of life and importance.

She had a lot of warmth when she said things, there was something very authentic in her way. She always left endless space for everyone. Her love for life was literally in every detail.

After the murder, her downside to the team was really big. Her supportive presence to the people was very great and after her departure it was unbearable.

In the last lesson we met, there was some problem with one of her children that there was something wrong and Dina was very upset about it and after a phone call that everything was fine, when Dina calmed down, she came spontaneously, I just talked to someone, and suddenly I felt her hug and kiss and I in general Do not understand.

There was something full of life and love in her.


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