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I did not know what she wanted because I took care of myself

When I came to Kiryat Arba to be a communist, I had the Wilenski family as an adoptive family, but Nehama was a very special instructor and she loved making her third meals with her friends B. Then I slowly got to know Eli and Dina as well.

One day I was walking down the street and not feeling so well, Dina saw me, got frustrated and said "Oh you do not look well do you not feel well? Maybe go to the doctor, maybe take care of yourself '

I told her I had a job and I needed to be on time. Dina told me "but you have to take care of yourself, you can not go to national service, to work, you can catch up with others." I really heard her voice and went to the doctor

After two more times like this, that Dina saw me not buying well, she said to me: 'Sharon, third time I meet you and something happened to you, you have to take care of yourself, maybe you have something? I did not know what she wanted because I took care of myself.

Dina wanted me to do more meaningful treatment that would help me.

I would come to the house of Rabbi Eli and Dina many times, even after this year, even one Purim meal I was with them. I remember Rabbi Eli as he spoke with tears in his eyes, in holiness and love.

How deep he was that he said the words of the Torah! It always really moved me.

Once Rabbi Eli came to teach a lesson at the Tel Aviv seminary in preparation for Passover, so I was no longer a communist. At the end of the lesson I approached him and asked to pass a note through him for comfort. It moved me that he recognized me and took an interest in my well-being

Sharon Sharir


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