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"I do not know, put some more plates, maybe this one will come and he and she" ...

I was a communist of Ariel in Kiryat Arba, seven-year-old Horowitz was a communist before me.

When I got to the job, I came to talk to Batsheva about the branch and Dina received me warmly and with love and joy and "What a beauty, welcome" and she told me "What fun to have a neat communist for the branch" and I have been with them many times since.

At first I came to hear more things about the branch and then, when I met Nehama who was an apprentice at the branch, I often came to their house.

As the Communist, I remember that Nehama's tribe was the main tribe. We were really connected I would do them actions and things and trips

Every time I would come to Kiryat Arba, Nehama would make sure that I would not be left without meals for Shabbat, so every so often I would come to the Horowitz family for a third or second meal in the morning, and I was very impressed that Rabbi Eli and Dina were also full of Torah love .

They received me with love, and many other guests as well.

I remember once setting the table for a third meal and asking Dina for how many guests to set the table? So Dina said "I do not know, put some more plates that maybe I will come and he and she will come."

Slideshow of the table - can be flipped to the sides

There were a lot of guests who knew they could come even without an invitation. Guests who came because of the joy in the heart and the Torah of Rabbi Eli and to feel the interest of Dina, who she asked and was interested. We would laugh together about all sorts.

Rabbi Eli was one of the disciples of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda and this Torah, together with the love of Israel, with a lot of holiness, is something that was very, very strong at home. Lots of Torah in this spirit.

See the good in the people and listen to them. To see in every person how righteous and holy he is on the inside, and to see in him the good in good, and to know that we are no better than all and we have much to learn from others as well, religious and secular, because we are all one people.

I would come to them a lot, it was really good.

Everything is ready, the table is set, the knife and fork and the pitchfork ...

Batsheva, the communist


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