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To our very dear son Zvi Aharon

New Year's Eve 2003

Our very dear son Zvi Aharon,

Sweeping rain, blessing rains, tears of age of our mother Rachel heralded your departure to the world, and we in praise and confession received a gift of heaven.

We accompanied you in a magical, cheerful childhood, and then in the pains of adolescence and the agony of school. We watched with bated breath the twists and turns of your immigration and your progress from studies to the IDF, from the IDF to work and above all - your transcendence to be a man, strong, straightforward, pleasant, sensitive and considerate, Love everyone and everyone loves you, responsible, idealist, and thinker, interlocutor and friend.

And today we stand and marvel at the secret of God in the linking of souls, at this wonderful time when you have reached the main chapter in your life:

And he who has a wife - only he who has a wife - is in joy, blessing, goodness, Torah, wall, peace.

And they stand and marvel at the greatness of the miracle that you have won in Tal - Dew, not for the rain that shaped it, but for the dew that everyone is happy with (Rashi Rish listened). And a dew from the Lord descends upon you and upon us for perfume and blessing.

And from now on, we will accompany you from afar (and also up close) with prayer and longing and the blessing of loving parents, that you will know only love and brotherhood and peace and companionship.

mom and dad

A good day for Israel for a month I am for my uncle and my uncle for me

Dear Talya,

What is good and what is pleasant to sit brothers together.

Like the Hermon mountain dew that descends on the mountains of Zion, you descended on us, on our family, on our Zvi.

And we are with you - you beloved bad ones - wherever you go, we are with you in our prayers, our blessings, our longings

For there the Lord commanded the blessing

Life forever

Father and mother



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