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Overcome weaknesses also for the sake of personal example

I was one of those people who has a hard time getting up in the morning and always misses the first two or three hours.

The soft and containing Dina found it difficult to scold me and put me in my place.

What's more, she shared with me the fact that she herself would often make an effort to arrive on time in the morning

(Because, as is well known, the souls of artists like Dina fly high at night and these are the beautiful hours for creation and inspiration)

For a while Dina decided that for the sake of my education she insisted with me on arriving on time and it was a funny time where we would both meet at the 90th minute, a few seconds before 8am, on the narrow path under building 31.

Dina came from below, and we were both panting and running to make it and arriving on time and hiding a smile of recognition and knowing the effort and overcoming "in the name of education" that is north and common only to us ...

I got to know Dina (and also Rabbi Eli) from many faces:

For the first time - as the mother of Nehama who was the instructor at Ariel

Later - as my music teacher in the field and piano in person

In the end - I won that Dina was my educator in the twelfth grade.

Vardit Zellinger


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