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A moment ago I was so far away and lonely and suddenly I felt with you. I just want to congratulate

Or to D. Tishrei 5788

To my wife honesty and to my dear chicks,

A good signature finish, may there be a desire for a renewed sweet and happy year for us and for all of Israel.

When I came, sweet children, to prepare the shofar for blasts, I suddenly saw some strange colorful thing peeking out of it, and when I took it out I saw you - that is, your greeting cards. What a surprise. And so heartwarming. And suddenly you were close, close - right with me. A moment ago I was so far away and lonely and suddenly I felt you, I saw you, I heard you.

As you pleased your Father, so surely you will please our Father in heaven. And it's worth it, after all the good it does to us, that we try to have some pleasure from us.

Anyway, I miss you very very much and hope to see you by Yom Kippur (it's not so sure).

I just want to congratulate you for being with you, that's all and that's enough

My dear Dean,

Of course you have missed your longing the most, and certainly the sentiment is mutual, I feel, anyway.

The first days of the year of joy passed, on Monday, in the sharpness of God is stronghold, (if they did not eat oils and drank sweets) and I realized that despite the technical difficulty (minyan, synagogue, etc.) Gd inspires His presence in the middle of the day, In Naama and its horrors also on the roof of a prison of young terrorists.

We are staying north of Elon Moreh and you can see, I think, you belong to Ballel. The view is very wonderful and on a dark night (it helps with that night), when tens of thousands of stars shine, you can, if you look closely, see the footprints of our first father who passed by this place (without a doubt) on his way to Nablus.

One can, together with him, meditate on the burning beer, on all suffering and anguish, on sadness and fear, on evil and folly, and together with him feel the streams of light and heat of the divine glimpse - there is a beer owner, I own the beer.

How great are your deeds, O Lord? And something of the intense love of the great man in giants, sparkles in the heart and floods in a tremendous stream the family, the people, and even the poor boys who are really not really terrorists (yet).

The group that serves here is very nice - they are Tekoa, Elazar (you remember Rafi Blum), Har Gilo and Kiryat Arba. Zolotsky that I traveled with here (and was late + what you know) is reminiscent of a Society for the Protection of Nature. Very nice. Another friend from Kiryat Arba, a RTS man (also runs every day - regardless) joined the trip. Zlotsky is secular but Zionist, material for an interesting triple conversation.

The mouthpiece you chose with so much love did not disappoint and we won 200 clear, distinct and very powerful voices. Blessed are the people who know the shout. I read in the Haftarah of Hannah (Siman Tov - Simna Milta) as well as in the Haftarah of Shuva Yisrael. Did you know that I can read the flavors of the haftarah? me neither.

I do not have much opportunity to express the thoughts and feelings that I went through during these three wonderful days, from Nablus to Hebron to Jerusalem. We confirmed what a good part of us Dzchinan to the Dukhta Damascus and Aaron did not win, and to the period when Rabbi Yosef only wished to live in it.

Just do each other's evil. Do not think in your heart - listen to the good intentions of every person, in every group, in every method.

Things cannot be expressed in words. A few more days, Ltd., and I'll put it another way.

I hope to get home on the eve of Yom Kippur for two or three days off, but there are problems, and as usual in the army, nothing is certain. In the meantime, I will be content with longing and hope that you too (I dreamed of you on Shabbat Teshuvah night).

One can study here on guard (usually) and apart from the fatigue and disorder in times, I take advantage of the hours fairly.

The food here is exceptional. Roasted carp, chicken and chips, meat, fried potatoes and cholent, etc., etc. I, since I came I have eaten bread, green pepper and apples, for a reason that there are no tomatoes or cucumbers, grapes or plums.

As far as the work of God in prayer and Torah is concerned, there is no good from the current menus, and should be considered for the coming years (we will talk about this on occasion), but on the part of the Israeli army's responsibility for its Torah observant soldiers,

I have, personally, no complaint or strictness and all the tendency to face the toil of the holy days that come upon us for good, may we be strengthened to determine the desires of the saints as a stake that will fall into the depths of our personalities. We will look at everything with a good eye and all false fears will evaporate as much as the whole conviction that will be consumed like smoke.

Almost 10:00 at night and at 1:15 I go out on guard, so I will end with endless hugs and kisses.

Your loving husband.

I am


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