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What is the name praying now, as we pray for the rain?

When my son was about two and a half years old, I went out with him and my daughter to the yard, to greet the rain that fell outside with great force. An in-depth discussion developed between the children:

I asked: "What is the name praying now, when we pray for the rain?"

My son, very seriously and seriously, explained to her that "the name has no mouth!"

And the discussion continued: "What, you want to tell me, that the name has no face !?"

And my son replied, "No, he only has a hand and a stomach."

"And why does he need a hand and a stomach?" She asks,

And the answer - "he needs a hand to open the water."

"And why does he need a stomach?"

And the little one in his - "What do you mean, where will his hand be attached?"

From "Torah and Science"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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