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It is interesting that within these stone walls, in the compressed air and the deafening noise of si

Letter to Ofra Carmeli, his cousin from Kibbutz Hulata

My dear cousin,

This is already the third letter I start. Twice I lost initial letters. Maybe it's coming. I was very happy to hear from you, even though your letter made me long for the Carmeli family, for Hulata, for the land.

So when will we see each other again? Next time you come to Jerusalem, you come to me. command! Call 521241 first to make sure I'm there. how is it going in school? Are you happy there? How is June? Will the bells ring soon?

It is very difficult to explain in the letter exactly what I do and what this life is, when you come we may be able to talk about it at length, but it is interesting that within these stone walls, in the compressed air and this deafening noise [sitting], are the real spaces and inner freedom.

Life is very difficult, much more difficult than in the economy or in the army. My body is really weak and sore all the time, but slowly getting stronger out of the psychic forces.

I will not begin to confuse your mind if Judaism thinks, I am too small to deliver even the tiniest sermon of Torah in truth. It is enough to see the people to know what true love is (not Christian love of the secular world, which is actually hypocrisy and hacking). Our religion is based entirely on "and love your neighbor as yourself." That it is forbidden to speak in condemnation of any Jew and God forbid to shame anyone.

When you see couples whose love has grown stronger and stronger over the years, that love after 20 years of marriage is a thousand times the love of the wedding day, it makes a person think.

This letter may sound like propaganda to you, and really no one has yet reached religion by words. One has to see, examine, explore the value of this life.

Give a warm greeting to the family and write to me, or better yet, tell me how they are.

See you



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