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I tried to think who sent this doctor, I did not order him, who is taking care of me?

When I was a young man, a new student in the yeshiva, I fell ill one day and had a high fever, about eight days I was with 40 degrees fever and did not take medication and did not call a doctor, (no matter it is my stupidity, the truth is that Rabbi Elyakim Lebanon treated me and yet I am still in this world ).

After eight days I could not think of anything and I was in a state of heat processing due to heat and suffering and I did not know what would happen to me when suddenly there were knocks on the door and a doctor entered the room, not just a doctor, an important doctor who started testing me and immediately gave me medication and antibiotics. Eat meat because I was a vegetarian then.

I was trying to think who sent this doctor, I did not order him, who is taking care of me? Who even cares about me? All in all I was still new.

Half an hour after the doctor left I started to recover and again knocks on the door and a young guy came in with a plate with a roasted liver. I tried to find out who sent it and he just replied "eat".

Since the doctor said I should eat meat, I started eating and got a little stronger and kept trying to figure out who made my liver? Who sent me the doctor?

About an hour later I felt better and there was another knock on the door and the secret was solved: Rabbi Zvi Tao came in and then I realized that he knew I was sick and he sent the doctor and his wife Rebbetzin Hannah Tao prepared the liver. Rabbi Tao sat down by me, talked to me a bit, studied with me, read me things until I fell asleep. It's a story about visiting patients simply from life.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

To hear the story in his voice

Second version

Third version

A story in Eli's voice about Rabbi Aryeh Levin's patients visiting a small child

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