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Naomi ask, "Why didn't you tell me?", I replied, "Of course I told you," and she said, "Maybe

On the 2nd of Av, we were privileged to attend Eli and Dina's wedding. About a year earlier, I had seen in Rabbi Zvi Tao's lessons "One" with a mane of hair, sitting and listening to the lessons, with a constant smile on his face, as if to say, "Do not sell me locks."

The smile disappeared. Persistence, study and clarification increased.

The ties between us became stronger against the background of a desire at that time to deepen our understanding of the lessons of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda, and Rabbi Oded Wolansky and Rabbi Yaakov Lebanon.

Torah lessons were very close for us. We would update each other on "what you heard here" and "what you lost there."

This is how it continued during the school years in Mevaseret

In 1958 - we parted for the first time into different paths, splitting from the same main road. Rabbi Eli delved into holiness in Talmud Torah Morasha, and I traveled as far as Kiryat Shmona.

Our years of stay in Kiryat Shmona increased the feeling of connection and longing for Jerusalem, for the people of Jerusalem, for them.

On our return to Jerusalem, the roads connected again. Long conversations took place on the way to and from the kollel, to and from the Talmud Torah, etc.

Naomi would ask, "Why didn't you tell me that ........ ........"? I replied, "Of course I told you." Naomi: "Maybe you told me."

When Eli and Dina moved to Hebron and we moved to Shadmot Mehola, we saw each other less, but we continued to be very, very connected.

Eliezer Weil


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