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Ariel branch Kiryat Arba

Farewell letter from Dina Horoitz to the Communist Party.

To Ronit,

Saturday night arrived - the first Saturday at the branch without Ronit - and your lack was really noticeable - a kind of "Jacob left Beersheba and went to Harana."

I'm sorry I didn 't see you before your trip and so I was prevented from thanking you for the year and congratulating you for the future in the name of me and our whole family (and I'm sure a lot of Ariel families agree with me).

I would like to express my deep gratitude and admiration for the blessed and wonderful contribution you have made to the daughters of Ariel, the movement and the city.

From my "sources" (both the girls in the field and from Batsheva, who kept "Ariel" on a small fire that will not fade until you come) I know very well about the many and vigorous efforts you put into the movement to raise the branch's function, raise the bar, increase the The number of apprentices, to encourage and strengthen the instructors, and above all - to produce life (and there is no life but the Torah) for the life of the branch, and especially in the field of morals and virtues.

With tireless vigor, humility, rolling laughter and great perseverance, you approach the challenge - and success is evident above and beyond!

The Kiryat Arba branch is thriving, the framework is functioning and the girls are happy and flourishing. (Special thanks to you for your dedicated work with Nehama - she learned a lot from you ....).

I wish you success and happiness later on in your journey and hope that you leave us with a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction.

Hi Blessed, Ronita "There is a reward for your action"!

keep in touch

In appreciation and love


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