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Extreme humility, without self-importance, listening and openness to every person

Uri Horowitz

Brother of Rabbi Eli HaYad

My older brother Eli, my sister - my sister-in-law, Dina, the beloved and pleasant,

Sometimes, before family reunions, you used to tell me with a smile:

"Little brother, maybe say a few words…".

And now when I come to say "a few words" you are not with us.

The heart refuses to believe.

Many years ago I saw you to me, on the eve of your wedding, going through the Ketubah.

You did not want the praise and honors that appear in it, such as "the glorious and exquisite guy…" and asked to be removed. You took a bar to draw a line on the praise. It seems that perhaps this action characterizes something in your life and Dina's life.

Extreme humility, without self-importance, listening and openness to each and every person.

Your door was open to anyone, to any problem at any time.

"Little brother" you called me, Eli, with an affection that always came with the little laughing girl, without whom I could hardly see you.

Indeed, I am petty.

I'm dumbfounded at how big you were, my big brothers.

Great in the Torah, great in deeds, great in honoring father and mother,

And most of all great in education all children all:

Batsheva, Zvi, Nehama Shulamit and Itamar -

And thousands more "kids", of all ages, students, friends, acquaintances -

All of you have received loving and warm treatment from you.

I was diminished and amazed to know your greatness and depth in everything.

Recently, when we talked about the issue of children's education, you told me, Dina:

"It's not easy, but there are miracles in education." Vali added and completed with a smile -

You always complemented each other with a smile - "What do you mean? Every time education is successful - it's a miracle."

Thousands of such "miracles" you have wrought during your life, thanks to the love, affection and family warmth you radiated to everyone: close family as far away, strangers as acquaintances, religious and secular, friends as guests,

Through them you will continue to live within us and within the thousands of students you have placed.

I'm sorry for you, big brothers.

May your soul be bundled in the bundle of life.


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