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Have you seen the house? How many we sang in it, how many pleasures of Shabbat we spent in it, how m

On the terrible Saturday night, one of the graduates, a student of Dina's, called me, she told me a sentence that I would leave my nose on. She asked me, "Did you see the house?" TV showed the house "Did you see the house?"

Then she said 'Have you seen the house? This house where we sang a lot, how many Shabbat pleasures we spent in it, how many piano tunes were heard in it. "

"You saw the house with blood on the mezuzahs, on the lintel"

I tell you - we saw the house that became a kind of altar. It was a house, a house of poetry, of joy, of reverence.

When I got Dina to work, I did not know exactly how she teaches, I did not give her too many example lessons, but everyone who knew Dina knew that she is just an angel, it is an angel, it is not something to be examined, it does not matter exactly what her interpretation of the verse will be This or that, it's a smile, it's a noble psychic flow from worlds I did not know.

We did not err, of course, in the admiration of the students for her, we did not err in this state figure who educated, not only the students but also the people who worked next to her.

Rabbi Rafi Kuperstock

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